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praqtiss, Prachtiz, PRACTICE

It is not so quite original
that a scribish individual
would provide a thought so pivotal
as an Aesop, Cur-ie, or Hess.

If one’s thoughts reach for the quantical
as the hand guides all by fontical
understanding won’t be dauntical
to each reader, we should bless.

So, I’ll end this terse implausible
kiss my Muse, her song so causical
I do ask, excuse the flawsicals
I admit it’s not my best.


It was YOUR Mother who asked me to help her
To CREATE a beautifully wonder-full person
To bring her definition of “LOVE” as she dreamed it.

My FIRST FORTUNE… was holding YOU
After the MANY hours that it took
You to escape into OUR world.

Not a “TV” Dad, YOUR memory of “the CORNER”,
Maybe the JUDGEMENT should have been a ‘beating’?

Now, it’s YOUR CHOICES, you CAN pay MORE…
If you want no “COMMENTS”, “LESSONS”

…Which leads me to a “Big”,

As Told By The Cadence

Starting something new is daunting. How well will someone receive what’s being presented? Well, frankly my Rougette, I won’t give a damn.
The “story” told, line bylittle line. Each word a measured melange of articulations, of entire scenarios rendered into as few syllables possible. “Poetry”.
That’s what I’m attempting on this electronic piece of clay, “stylo-stamp” pressing bits of plastic instead of artfully babbling with cursives.SO,
T-Minus TWO…

there’s some nights when I reach
to touch the head upon a pillow
that’s no longer there.
I inhale to sense an essence
that makes the blood flow stronger
tight moments “we” no longer share.

the future screams “oh, what an IDIOT
hell yes, we miss her too”.
the past keeps grumbling ” told you so,
some love, out the door she flew”.

now time’s reshaped a body that had
the tools to build ‘love’s’ life growth
but, as we both look back on “us”
my ‘BOY-HOOD’ hurt US BOTH.