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Hungry For HATE

you wonder why it’s been
so tough
for the “dark” side
to believe in
all this freedom

when God’s angels
pictured still
the “perfect”
creamy white
are gathered ’round
other’s races
like a “party”
at boot hill

we wonder why
the others of
this orb
don’t give a damn
as we trample
‘cieties older
than this here land

“our” children may not
see a future
that we’ve taught
when they can’t
treat a neighbor
as they ought

so as the newsman
tells you
that it’s
once again
that Liberty
has snuck away
to find some people
with a BRAIN

There’s a situation that’s been created FOR the DEMISE of this NATION, and it HAS reared its OLD, UGLY head during what should be the inauguration of a new type of YOUTH liturature.


In THE MOST CRUCIAL time of this nation’s LIFE “we” HAVE an ENTIRE generation of EUROPEAN HERITAGED “citizenry” that HAVE “GROWN” to become the new BIRTH of A “NATION”. THANK HEAVEN the “GREATEST GENERATION” is leaving quickly enough that THEY WON’T WITNESS the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of EVERYTHING THEY WORKED,FOUGHT AND DIED FOR. WE should be ashamed of WHAT ‘WE’ have done to OUR FUTURE.

My question is this, HOW can those, that DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED the “DECK” , complain when the TRUMP is used?

The cadence of “life” was, more often than not, shaped by the TENSIONS felt as the WORLD disagreed. The many colloquial time signatures secretly stole from another’s to “spice” the rhythmic closenesses of those seeking to “forget” the fears. Each world confrontation seeded the rhythm’s PROSE… seeded the interpreter’s SONG…

The Boswell Sisters of 1932, ( close to the same year that Louis Armstrong had made his FIRST recording.), maybe a feeling of serenity just before the “Brown-Shirt Boys” had their Kristallnacht.

The 60 year partnership of Leiber and Stoller was one of the ‘flash-points’ of RADIO’S musical ARK being rock-n-roll’s light boats on the sea of youth for the 1950’s. Hound Dog… Ladies First.

… and, of course the banned bomber of HIP SHAKE.

When the middle part of the 1960’s saw that Television showed us the varied views and speech patterns of this nation the Education of the youth looked at “history”, from behind the patented type given them, as the truer “Oral” account…

… Because WE were TRULY at “some” CROSSROADS

As we, the original initiates, grow to the point where the joints can’t carry the cadences, or remember all the words, it’s nice to know that we can reach back to “other times” and get some help from those younger than us to relive more blessed moments in this life…

Remember this. This site IS for prose / poetry. What better than to see it done well. AND, KNOW that WE ALL can participate in the cadences of LIFE, “by the metre”.


since dropped here
by a wind
and gleefully thrust past
the crust of this marble
my cotyledon stretched
as the Olympian
addresses the caber

the view remains the magnificence
Pool waves my face back at me
my toes never harden
so the friends that also ring the life

I have been here since before the Pict
Pool holds the quench for us all
Hill holds our conversations around us
and Bush teases Grass for catching
what the animals ate yesterday

and still Pool is good enough
to grant me sight of myself
bent gnarled and PROUD

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to ‘PHOTOBOTOS’ for “liking” a post. My “print” has never been fine, but someone reads it “ever wunst-en-uh-wile”.

Law says
kill, don’t flee
when not
look like me
I press
the issue
their fear

quite white enough
Glock nine’s
right stuff
they won’t
get past
my lear

oops overdone
to hide
to run
they said that
I’d all rights

what if
zeal’s wrong
this law
to pong
my own


How does one become the a TOP “TOME-IST” of their “time”, their unique genre ? Of ART, presentation ? OF READABILITY ? Of the RHYME and REASON that carries one through the delightest of beginnings to the affirmational dwindlings, ( I LOVE sculpting new words. Dr. Seuss made mastery of such.), from learning’s birth into a lifetime’s dearth it isn’t many that have launched their Dingy on the waters of “AUTHORSHIP” to make Port on the yacht of SUCCESS.

When you read the reviews of the commentators please remember, as these folks haven’t, that “Dr. Seuss” was a NEW Author just making his quill splotch. TIME and distance needs to be accounted “FOR”. His was a moment where the “TELLY” had just reached the age of twelve, ( Philo Farnsworth ), and “most” of the WORLD was looking at the ‘crazy’ man in Germany. And, as I haven’t read this complete yet the fact that the good Doctor has given US a glimpse of a not so “bed-side” glimmer of his style I’m sure that if you could remember viewing the first steps of SECRETARIAT the simile of such is just as exciting.

When you take your Children or Friends to see the “LORAX” stop by a book seller and cradle the FIRST “adult” venture of a Master “Pensman” , its a history lesson, as well as a “first look” into “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH”.

This is my review of Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel , ( born 2 March 1904 in Springfield, MA.), of the originally published 1939 …
“The Seven Lady Godivas”

how did the GENIUS
come to this
the glow of history
so dismissed

the ‘tale’ of Godivas
fraught of Equine
no barest thought
not yours, not mine

to honor pater
seeking Hastings’ gore
not to make its
bloody shore

the naked truth
cross country brought
though often ‘Peepings’
their “hands” all sought

the talesman faltered
this early once
so now we’ve “Lorax”
blessing little ones


P.S.: Can YOU pick out the One that made the famous “entrance” from the jacket cover ? This IS the ONE time you’re requested to make that JUDGEMENT.


they saunter
through a glen
of their own
design, construct
an ester
to caress the mind
with heart

walking topia-glyphs
a wind driven rumba
sways the seeker
swats the course

their sighs
make us kites
their shoulders
make us reach
their hips
make us Sequoias
their thoughts
make us RICH

causative, caustic,calming, clamorous
they are the CATALYST
for building
for anticipations

times three
please sing
some more
to me

you’ll find
I have
no “social skills”
at least the ones
you “know”

the world is “US”
it’s work
not FUSS
we are

to us
IS action
not cursor
buttons pushed

the group a “like”
called ALL man-KIND
the many
that won’t