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Imagine that a distant relative of Television’s political analyst George Will just happened to find an Wellsian mode of transferring an observation to this moment. The eerieness of the premise isn’t as far fetched as most of the political commercials on ‘Methane’ today. He’s a bit Billy Barty as viewed, but a Leviathan in thought and intuitiveness…

“learned well you have
the words that trigger
your growing mindlessness

how have the yous
that D plus RNA are
have broken the proper chains

focus as built and defined
was never a confining act
a macroscope to view the all

senses you have are much
more than the edges of one hand
they’re twice your hair follicles

where went that day when
the time of care and thought
would lasso entropy
and break its spirit”

My Plot Lies Beyond

The impact of a set of thought symbols is much more powerful when it can be presented at the moment someone visits. With the scripting / coding problems that have afflicted these sites the best I can offer is this… (
-Leong-web.jpg), please copy then paste into the proper area to see what I’m not allowed to present upon this page.

my plot lies beyond
the third mount away
the haze that masks your vision
matches notes of life past

you can’t see the road
there’s none there
impressions of two and four toes
the state of primitive engineers

this changes every thousand years
trial eras occur from careless uses
lulled wonder becomes commerce
commerce poisons natural progression

my plot lies beyond
the third “terraced” away
the haze that masks perception
matches notes of a life…
as p_ssed / p_ssed long away


is there a cure
for HATE
can “WE” find
the solution
to develop the stomach
to succeed
the forgivenesses bestowed of
an ab-solution

can Nation-Ally-Ties
grow well
lifting a neighbor’s chin
not striking
youths facing rays of SUNLIGHT
not mushrooms
forever spiking