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Worst Offenders

worst offenders
can’t complain
of others’ quirks
show harsh disdain
their actions causing
eminent pain
worst offenders
can’t complain

worst offenders
can’t complain
accept the fault
for vestigial reign
of our reasons
none to explain
worst offenders
can’t complain

worst offenders
can’t complain
pick the blunder
though “passed down”
your deed our blame
worst offenders
can’t complain

worst offenders
can’t complain
inherited “life”
invented “games”
but when become parent
needs be retrained
worst offenders
can’t complain

“Ya’ gotta’ see the OTHERS’.

how much of a BEATING
will “you” insist I take
just because the bruise won’t show
that prompts you not to slake
and, by your lies
once friends despise
the virtues granted takes

is care, and just, to wither
because of wants you have
is “live” an only just for you
as I need income’s salve

the terms have changed
you’ve re-arranged
how more grind “daily breads”
so, meanings change
truth is of disdain
my gain is loss you’ve dread

all that is asked
is ’round you’ll pass
that ‘suit of HAPPINESS
that greed is not the “bless”

USA Boxings ONLY medal winner 2012 London Games

Not For Goodness’ Sake

Hi folk, have YOU noticed how …’INTERESTING the WordPress. anything “log-in” has gotten? Half the time the SHREW and improved theme-MATT-tical board revolves attention confusing GUESS-OH-GRABS while those that have been here a “couple” months are scrambling to set an urgent gripe, or “atta-buoy”, to text between whatever else our lives DEMAND. EVERYONE knows of facebook and its ugly siblings, and I have no want of some newly graduated, corporately edge-UH-macated “savant’s”, opinion on something that isn’t bubble-gummed to their “eye-plod”.
I guess that’s why I still use a REEL mower to cut my grasses… which IS how golf courses do it… because it’s a tool that doesn’t SUCK. ( If you don’t “know”, the spinng blades of the gasoline powered mower / more create a ‘vacuum’ to lift the grass blades for “uniformity”.)
So, here’s my *Eu-‘pinion
*( French “word”= water, which the difficulties of “improvement DON’T HOLD.), of the new log-in LABYRINTH.

Aww,what the heck
with all this tech
we’ll pile it
more and fast
the code’s so right
for “social” flights
with seo-kay
stall the staunch’s way

we’ll advertise
might sever ties
the goal is bottom line
those still in free
are stopped to see
that business
is for income

so change we must
through all their fuss
tech’s world has spun today
if they won’t grasp
this new door hasp
we’ve young-dumbs
on the way

so if you will
gorp pill that chills
sit down and figure out
there is a way
to have your say
though not what we
care about