some time ago “it” started
I know not when the time
a simple thought got ready
and, sought a word to rhyme

then images came drifting
the waves to crest and roll
a life not used for grifting
aware of chimes and tolls

mistook “lawn-jockeys”, HEROES
Joque Graves, young TITAN true
father’s brother, Tom farmed FREEDOMS
relative reasons still misconstrued

quick whistle to MY ‘DIXIE’
you’ll wonder who she be
my soul, some days she’s fixing
ships arrival, she’s my ley

this terse is not some prattle
not for the slow of HEART
on Devils I DO tattle
but, never on the Lark

so, now this jot I’m closing
too long away I’ve been
some questions, I hope you’re posing
until this space is filled again