the “whats” we thought along the way
won’t make much difference past today
the rants’, the raves, insights “well” paved
there’s not much room above one’s grave

but, Hark(!), avast, good YO(!) is this
the research done might have some grist
be Tommy, Carlos RAISE YOUR FIST
as, maybe, viewers get the gist

profound-go-round, the ride be fun
to gather truths by other ONES
no time restraint, not under guns
occasionally inject a pun

the lapse of tool sets of today
have seen good grammar go astray
so, make your mark, please have a say
without novice pen-smiths hope goes away

in time the phase of text may pass
to that, still SOBER, I’ll raise a glass
to keep the orbs, bright, shiny BRASS
to those who work to keep in “class”