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…slow a diving face

Another day, another “challenge”.  This moment’s solution…

Little spills were childhood’s thrills
as learning was commenced
the motor skills grow to pay bills
these fires, HOT, need defenced

And, as the ways grew more each day
horizons came to view
some better, some not depends the fray
the lazy to eschew

but, often there’s distractions
there’s sidetracks in the row
the hawkers sights refractions
like BOREALIC glows

If teachers were quite earnest
in staking thought and stead
will lead the sharp from furnace
leave actions wrong from dread

Though, more than not, a toe gets caught
it’s balance, rhythm’s grace
the awful new,solutions sought
can slow a diving face


There are over 25KK Americans UNEMPLOYED ! The “NUMBERS” are one thing… “HOW”  each ONE of these PEOPLE respond, INSTEAD of REACT, to the exorbitant pressures of their lives / livelihoods is ONLY what “the Bear” can tell you of the interior of his skin.

(As “they” want “you” to be. EASY TARGETS…)

is it more SIN

to kill ” myself”

instead of  killing “you”

to stay a ROCK of this age

made of pompous greedy Shrews

the COALS I “HEAP” keep going out

no matter heat put through

my day has come the blessed “Bum”

float above the “ALL” you do

and, though “GOD” does,

it IS His TIME,

what is said surely WILL

for all my  wants

throughout your taunts

not like you, I Never will

_________________Remember… there are TWO EDGES to every “COIN”.

Are these real PRAYERS

I plead to you

do they have worth

some spirit glue

Are there more who can

find your ear

such better FAITHS

so much more clear

The weight upon my HEART today

extended roots held within the clay

my questions flow to many walls

do you have time for small house calls

The I________e M_n

It’s been a LONG “life”. Although I’ve seen a few more MILEPOSTS than some, I haven’t been “allowed” to participate in as many as “MOST”.

When I was growing the many organizations that grew from a need to make lives better for those “OPPRESSED” came into predominance. NOW, like anything / everything that has had ‘time’ to establish its “root system” the ability to work with, and around (GOOD) people is dwindling at a pace of micro-nano seconds. “WE”, as the people, have allowed MANY “SOMEONES” to remove our LIBERTIES… the responsiblenesses that CONCERNED folk exhibit to others and the EARTH to make BOTH PROSPER.

The PERPE-TRAITORS ARE bound to the determination of coddling those that perform as ruthlessly as themselves. While those, like I try to be, must attempt to pass around these as a WRAITH. Thus, the title, and work ethic.

The science of SOCIAL has got out of hand
with Pavlovian Freudisms “USE” has too much demand
our youth was raised eating meals sold by movies they saw
now fattened to couch-bound, smart touch-screens and all
The Mengeles birthing the latest designs
with mother’s milks enhanced by a trellis devine
the best and the brightest have nowhere to go
their Politicks withered by haute TEAS to-go
instead of blue balls for the deed gone undone
azure wafers to spike it is quite overdone
as I observe most of my world to unfold
the THEY that think mean most do more than just scold
although my mind isn’t as quick as a few
the shirking of duties is NOT what I will do
the learning of “WHAT’S THIS” has held my thoughts so
if I could learn traveling everywhere I would go
but, situations are not as I want
time’s still “birthing this nation” and, still is Hate’s Haunt
the speaking of “English” demanded by “right”
but, don’t understand it when its done there on site
I smile so they see me it’s contrast you see
the invisible man yep, that’s right it’s just me

_______________:Update 10/19/2013  From the [‘AUSTRALIAN’]


I’ve more than often wondered
just why I’m here at all
there doesn’t seem to be much need
of me, or these few scrawls

If, truly, there was reason
of thought, of purpose clear
there’s HOPE that FAITH’S no treason
life clean, folks time sincere

so, if each times I’ve “had this thought”
grew finer as things “go”
then hope of HOPE is NOT distraught
to live as I should know