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… life cycles torn by enured


We all want to be… 1.) LOVED 2.) RESPECTED 3. ‘WANTED”. The infinite, individual definitions, (or colloquialistic “understandings”), that drive ‘people’ to do the incredulous deeds done to another is as vast as trying to count the Atoms from within the sneeze of an ELEPHANT… too much AREA to cover, too much VOLUME to track, and TOO much of similarities to so many others by degree.

As a “NOTE”, this is the SEVENTY-SIXTH “TROMBONE” of this ‘parade’ of words. You HAVE noticed that there’s not much punctuation entered. The reason for this is that I do not “KNOW”  about YOU, educationally, socially or, Nationally.  So, HOW YOU, YOUR mind, puts the “story” together IS entirely YOURS. The gist is there, the WEIGHT is its OWN. I’m just “happy” that someone has taken the time to give my thought some monent of validity.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Edger Allen Lovecraft would have loved to have copyrighted the story of these Four WOMEN and One Man. Of course, then it would have been FICTIONAL.

the compass has no magnet to tell us WHERE “we” are
there HAS to be ATTRACTION for PEOPLES to get far
the childishness of color forms distract from better paths
with cores of simple CARE-FULL-NESTS makes something that could last
a weariness of wariness has good folk making hastes
the rush to garner that much mores enhances ALL these WASTES
the children have no “breadcrumbs” foresee a happy path
they age to feel superiors exploding to great gaffs
and, yet the coddle is quite on because truth doesn’t dare
to rise to that their only height is no more that what is bared
in time the mirror shows behind collective or by self
the wobbles tracking tiny lines is covered by faith’s stealths
a step’s a step be up or down just forward is preferred
the journey’s end does not pretend life cycles torn by enured

… Ecclesiastes says it’s DEARTH

What can one “DO” when NO ‘GOOD’ DEED goes UNPUNISHED !?! I’m quite sure that I’m not in the market for a vacation at the “gray-bar hotel”, whether the municipal, regional, or one within the boundaries of an American “Projectorate”. THAT wouldn’t be very PRUDENT. Besides, I ‘LIKE sleeping ALONE. (TMI)

Anyhow, I fixed a ‘friend’s’ commode hydro-dispensing componentry recently, YESTERDAY to be factual. It had been close to eleven MONTHS (!?!?!) that the equipment had been dysfunctional. I’d been told of such just three days before. It didn’t take over three hours, the parts WERE  “NEW” only TWENTY-EIGHT years ago… the flora was very active on opening easier points to create their SYMBIOTIC anchorings. Phylangi-Wrenched couplings had chemically aged into FUSION, the crop of mechanical engineers that designed for this Hardware company HADN’T grown up in a time that(even) a MOVIE depicted an “interior one-holer” with a tank suspended above. The drain flap had a, (YES,INDEED !), ‘recycled gum-ball dispensered” gum rubber construction that A.) DIDN’T fit OVER the fill tube correctly. On top of which, not accounting for the gradual closing of clearances due to older ceramics being THICKER at the base than the “better”, (CHEAPER of the bottom lined), modern materials. A dollop of some close-at-hand, “CORN curing”, 14 years old COCOA BUTTER took twelve minutes off the effort… as well as preserving the flush-flap.

All said and DONE, after three flushes of adjusting the “water-saver” valve I went home to my WordPress. While here I get a phone call telling me that the “THING is constantly running”.

“What THING”?

” The THING YOU FIXED the  “other day”!

” OH! YOU mean the TOILET” (?),  hold on, I’ll be right over”.

The “THING” was NOT performing as I’d left it. Rolling up a sleeve I tested the adjustment screw… tight as “Dick’s Hat Band”= WIDE OPEN. NOT the work that I had done. Readjust amidst the HA-RANG. ” THIS isn’t the way I left it. SOMEONE turned this ALL the way OPEN. “YOU ‘TWO’ checked it before I left, remember?” (Female Jackie Gleason STALK-AWAY.) A nod of YES.

Long story shortened. This is a “GUB-MINT” ACCOUNTANT that HAS been ripped off, twice, for Home repairs by PAYING before the WORK IS DONE. SOUND FAMILIAR!?! I’m Her Daughter’s SEED-FATHER, still around after THIRTY years of FRIENDSHIP! (Someone that HASN’T taken advantage of the ten grand of an insurance fund started when Daughter was NINE, (She’s TWENTY-THREE.), soon to be UNAVAILABLE. And, STILL with close to Two grand…waiting. SHE SCREAMS when asked if there are enough receipts, ( THAT’S ALL it takes for her to get this cash.), to cover her sequestration.. The PITCH can NEUTER a CLYDESDALE.

And, I come back to present you this…

this world won’t give one chance
and when you’ve tried to give love’s rose
they grow thorns into a lance

one that you’d gave time to parenthood
has made you to the beast
but, call when the most trivial alarms
when you’ve fixed that you’re the least

an income once meant good characters
you traded time for CASH
but, now enlist more Olivers
no work by FAGIN’S lash

the civil word now quite unheard
a child speaks none past CURSE
it pains of me HURT’S revelry
society so well rehearsed

Oh, what of that great promise
my inheritance this Earth
of that I’ll not be counting
Ecclesiastes says it’s DEARTH

…of the PALL of ALCOHOL

( )

As a ‘CURRENTLY NON-PRACTICING SUBSTANCE ABUSER’  I Do have some understanding of the plight of Elizabeth Vargas. The best thing about her situation IS that she’s very talented.

There’s not much else to say than that, except that I would HOPE that someone gives her the address to FUNDLY.COM/thnqenterprises about an afore mentioned device for the recognition of VALOR and LONGEVITY through the “CLEAN-TIME / REMISSION” WATCH  that I’ve been attempting to bring to the public for the past FOUR YEARS. ( Imagine being able to silently “boast” of overcoming a terrible DISEASE that KILLS MILLIONS, through various means. AND to be used as a tool to help COMBAT such. It’s NOT the ‘ APIARIAN’S Patellas’ but it wouldn’t have to shuck the jive of being “NEW” every [ TEN MONTHS ].)

NO MATTER, a  HEART FELT, ‘knowledgeable’ SOMETHING for Ms. VARGAS…


the plights of WE, use, strains of grains
the pillar totters to hide “some” pains
the HIDE just isn’t from the blame
the “death” DOES mater, ALL the same

the “how’ of ‘scription has no parch
it’s here, it’s there’, the bottle’s march
hurt’s ironed lines give eyes their starch
for that “TOO MANY” takes but a spark

the “friend” inside a neck so small
has LIED to US, not friend at all
Limbick lubing Lout are they
that guide confusion through the day

hope makes the race to “SICK… AND TIRED
from liquids born BLUE BOOK INSPIRED
some time, some work and, LOTS-O-WILL
day,week,month… YEARS, STAYED SOBER ‘TIL

the buds, the crew, the alone that’s “YOU”
leave worst behind, the reason’s through
the step’s been made, You braved SANE’S CALL
to step clear of the PALL of ALCOHOL


It’s only an hour later and, I tried to send this to Ms. Vargas. BUT, I’m NOT giving up the first born to DISNEY’S PRY-MACHINE to get some good news to a fellow sufferer. ONE, ( Or any-), of YOU may find a way to do so without the “fall-DUH-rall”.