I’m ONE of those children that were “left behind”. “Poor” grades, even though I helped save a Man from the electric chair for a Murder in a store robbery, while taking a Summer-School class, ( Problems Of Democracy / “History”.), to regain the ONE-QUARTER CREDIT to graduate that I needed to fulfill the State requirement of doing so. The short of it is that a Man was charged for shooting a grocery store clerk with a shotgun. The man turning State’s evidence was standing IN FRONT of the clerk, The accused at the entry door of the store. A TWO INCH wound pattern KILLED the clerk.

I lost my composure and, was tossed from the room. When a recess was called I asked my teacher to get the accused’s Lawyer, begrudgingly She did. I spoke with Him explaining the HOLE the State had opened for Him. I told Him to get a “free” Police Officer and have Him tell WHY the snitch had DONE the murder, instead of the accused. The Man served time for His part of the crime but, didn’t see “SPARKY”.

For all the thought and, ‘knowledge’ that I’d shown the teacher flunked me and wrote on the report card… “[GLIB] NATURE”.

The teacher is, now, teaching at the “university” level. (Columbus State Community College. “Ms. EVITA” )


this child has so much vision
a labrynth some illion miles
you chose to leave him wanting
potentials YOU defiled
the years of constant beatings
of Platinums mostly Golds
ignored the smokes of earnest
the dreams were often sold
but time has all the shuffles
from great universal shoes
to NOT stand pat but wary
and pay too many dues
the thoughts are Krakatoan
the depth dark surface blessed
it’s built to this exposure
though never will it crest
the scream of one can echo
through mountains of defeat
the raignment’s crusts and tatters
mean journey’s soon complete
it’s now the moment’s closing
you’ve read and not gone blind
a terse from labeled “lowly”
the child you left “behind’