When my older Daughter was taking some College courses she left me one of her ‘ENGLISH COMPOSITION’ textbooks. Going through the CORNUCOPIA of written(s), (by those who had / have the proper tools to be presented), I came across an EARLY scribing of George Orwell, (i.e.1984), called SHOOTING an ELEPHANT and OTHER ESSAYS . An interesting observation that “could” lead one through some of the issues “we” are learning about “WAR” and How SOLDIERS “COPE”.


The “ravages” of war, and its ‘practices’ HAS been addressed for “some” time. To set aside a place that ALLOWS for the views and, actions “taken / received” were to be offset by a greater period and action in the REPAIR of a HUMAN’S BEING.



the “quiet” ones

some think they hide

though better things

in mind resides

dismantle stupid

“simple task”


when most wear masks

the solitude of quietude

is the world’s ‘mystery’

tall peaks exude

but when the chords

of THOUGHT IS heard

most miss the timbre

of warning’s words