So little is thought when certain people say / do “certain” things at certain times in different places. BUT, there IS a connection.

The “HUMAN BARBIE” has been quoted about how SHE feels about HER “whiteness”. As do “most” “CAUCASIAN” people. Getting the DEFINITIONS of these tells “most” of what “these” people are trying to RE-“DEFINE”.  ‘If you’re NOT of “RUSSIAN” descent YOU CANNOT BE CAUCASIAN’… of the CAUCASUS MOUNTAIN REGION in…

  • Caucasus Mountains
    Mountain range
  • The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region. Wikipedia
  • Area: 184,359 sq miles (477,488 km²)
  • In the countries listed DID YOU NOTICE HOW MANY of these “parts OF” DON’T represent “BLONDE HAIR and BLUE EYES!?!
    Yet, far TOO MANY, ( especially in Mister OGLETHORPE’S region.), believe that the terminology they’d been ‘raised’ with IS the ONLY truth. Never to RESEARCH WHAT ACTUALLY “IS”.
    The reason that the following came to be is that the INSANITIES that many, ( WHO CLAIM the “PURI-TAN-ICAL” rights of THEIR “KIND” over-rule ALL others’.), are a part of today that cannot unfocus from the HARMS they are committing,  (and SEEDING!), for an uglier future. Even at the possibility that “IT” may destroy ALL they LOVE and CHERISH.
    The ‘other’ reason is that this is such a good follow-up to the previous post.



of all the buttons that they push
the time and times again
it’s not that buttons get worn out
not IF but just the when

then there’s those that know locations
to leave such fetid clews
calling foul with rulered fingers
denying a just dessert’s dues

they cry a false surrender
the Judas Goat at spit
animated by a ‘BLENDER’
the aways of what can get

so the question needing answer
isn’t one to be much fun
when you walk to my explosion
of all buttons why choose THAT ONE