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…of the PALL of ALCOHOL

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As a ‘CURRENTLY NON-PRACTICING SUBSTANCE ABUSER’  I Do have some understanding of the plight of Elizabeth Vargas. The best thing about her situation IS that she’s very talented.

There’s not much else to say than that, except that I would HOPE that someone gives her the address to FUNDLY.COM/thnqenterprises about an afore mentioned device for the recognition of VALOR and LONGEVITY through the “CLEAN-TIME / REMISSION” WATCH  that I’ve been attempting to bring to the public for the past FOUR YEARS. ( Imagine being able to silently “boast” of overcoming a terrible DISEASE that KILLS MILLIONS, through various means. AND to be used as a tool to help COMBAT such. It’s NOT the ‘ APIARIAN’S Patellas’ but it wouldn’t have to shuck the jive of being “NEW” every [ TEN MONTHS ].)

NO MATTER, a  HEART FELT, ‘knowledgeable’ SOMETHING for Ms. VARGAS…


the plights of WE, use, strains of grains
the pillar totters to hide “some” pains
the HIDE just isn’t from the blame
the “death” DOES mater, ALL the same

the “how’ of ‘scription has no parch
it’s here, it’s there’, the bottle’s march
hurt’s ironed lines give eyes their starch
for that “TOO MANY” takes but a spark

the “friend” inside a neck so small
has LIED to US, not friend at all
Limbick lubing Lout are they
that guide confusion through the day

hope makes the race to “SICK… AND TIRED
from liquids born BLUE BOOK INSPIRED
some time, some work and, LOTS-O-WILL
day,week,month… YEARS, STAYED SOBER ‘TIL

the buds, the crew, the alone that’s “YOU”
leave worst behind, the reason’s through
the step’s been made, You braved SANE’S CALL
to step clear of the PALL of ALCOHOL


It’s only an hour later and, I tried to send this to Ms. Vargas. BUT, I’m NOT giving up the first born to DISNEY’S PRY-MACHINE to get some good news to a fellow sufferer. ONE, ( Or any-), of YOU may find a way to do so without the “fall-DUH-rall”.

I’ll sit and wait
it’s strength
not fate
trumps derision
all times

the world
greed grates
and conflagrates
Mpingoes growth
when corporates

death’s thirsts
won’t slake
young, old
it takes
when tune
doesn’t match
with rhyme

If you don’t know what this is about go to

Have I…

have I passed
the eternal
“USE BY” date
no longer
worth more than
from which made

has the weight
of measure
short fallen lines
the judgement
rendered by myself
as now
growing into feeble

see remaining embers
still viable
innovation’s growths remain
grown stronger
seeds preserved for
originator’s guidances

have I passed
this “life’s”
“used by” date
is it
against a rule
to reset


It’s NOT amusing. During the course of setting the timelines of the action of “bringing” an idea to the public that IS capable of helping it THAT public remains firmly, and “comfortably”, skewered upon the suppository delivery systems completely satisfied with tainted placebos.The sites that have contacted here, because of the tag CANCER, comment of the viability of content. But, NEVER send this information to others for their usage. For the past five days I’ve sent 33 site contacts and emails to the myriad of Cancer research foundations, this after quadrupling that number consistently for the past three years. It just “might” be my TIMING. Though it, more likely, is that most of these folk are “unknowingly” suffering from even greater “cancers”…
COMPLACENCY, GREED and PREJUDICE. Their beginning actions reaching a “manageable” pace because they can’t let a dissimilar route of action be mapped along theirs. The fact that the financial glories, the “HOW MUCH WE’VE DONE”, couldn’t possibly be shared with this thing “that took MY…”. Even though the numbers of WHO GETS WHAT spotlights the SPECIFIC, the “JUST-US” factor ENCOURAGES the ‘cancer’ through the SPACES created by such.

In that, I DON’T mind being the new TELEMACHUS.