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…she seeks

There’s another site that I write at… AWINKANDANOD.(WP.COM)…, I keep it separate because of the irreverences that “seem” to gather away from the more “serious” items “here”. I was scrolling through the latest of those I follow and, “ARTS FESTIVAL” had the featured the above view. As an ‘aging’ bachelor the embers have a tendency to flare but, HAVE been “kept” within a “controllable environ” that I (“can”) allow to be stoked at the “proper” times. The fact that the ARTIST has rendered such an INTRIGUE of mystery and “HOPE” IS a credit. And for this beauty to remain ‘unknown’ is the mastery of “controlled excitement”. ( The model has enough variables to be one’s “co-star” of “a” lifetime.) Of that that the following is my flight of “desire”.


my hope
she’s WELL past
time’s fancy freed
the “lines”
remain quite
the rains mand
safer speeds
Sequoiaed Thumbellina
on points
my interest piqued
of love
I’ll be her gleaner
if remainer’s
what she seeks









to keep in “class”


the “whats” we thought along the way
won’t make much difference past today
the rants’, the raves, insights “well” paved
there’s not much room above one’s grave

but, Hark(!), avast, good YO(!) is this
the research done might have some grist
be Tommy, Carlos RAISE YOUR FIST
as, maybe, viewers get the gist

profound-go-round, the ride be fun
to gather truths by other ONES
no time restraint, not under guns
occasionally inject a pun

the lapse of tool sets of today
have seen good grammar go astray
so, make your mark, please have a say
without novice pen-smiths hope goes away

in time the phase of text may pass
to that, still SOBER, I’ll raise a glass
to keep the orbs, bright, shiny BRASS
to those who work to keep in “class”

Sump-in OLD SOMETHIN’ Knew

“LOVE: Is a many SPLINTERED thing”… Mrs. Pinnochio


it’s almost time to hitchin’
a life from pressed toward fold
the LOVE for this one’s strong enough
to have for one more hold

the secret’s just to listen
raised volumes kill for sure
they’ve things hard just like you
it’s time to build LOVE’S lore

Somthin’ old and sump’in new
somethin’ borrowed
from things ya’ blew
Sumpin’ old & somethin’ new
learnin’ better /* together
by things ya’ do /* … ya’ll’ll do
Somethin’ OLD with Someone “KNEW”
(*second refrain.)
one more chance for both to take
aisle a tunnel with the end that glows
forever waited for LIFE enhanced
(so) now you’re spiffed for this love’s show
A tune about the GOOD “things” that really DO “come TO THOSE who WAIT”.


How does one become the a TOP “TOME-IST” of their “time”, their unique genre ? Of ART, presentation ? OF READABILITY ? Of the RHYME and REASON that carries one through the delightest of beginnings to the affirmational dwindlings, ( I LOVE sculpting new words. Dr. Seuss made mastery of such.), from learning’s birth into a lifetime’s dearth it isn’t many that have launched their Dingy on the waters of “AUTHORSHIP” to make Port on the yacht of SUCCESS.

When you read the reviews of the commentators please remember, as these folks haven’t, that “Dr. Seuss” was a NEW Author just making his quill splotch. TIME and distance needs to be accounted “FOR”. His was a moment where the “TELLY” had just reached the age of twelve, ( Philo Farnsworth ), and “most” of the WORLD was looking at the ‘crazy’ man in Germany. And, as I haven’t read this complete yet the fact that the good Doctor has given US a glimpse of a not so “bed-side” glimmer of his style I’m sure that if you could remember viewing the first steps of SECRETARIAT the simile of such is just as exciting.

When you take your Children or Friends to see the “LORAX” stop by a book seller and cradle the FIRST “adult” venture of a Master “Pensman” , its a history lesson, as well as a “first look” into “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH”.

This is my review of Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel , ( born 2 March 1904 in Springfield, MA.), of the originally published 1939 …
“The Seven Lady Godivas”

how did the GENIUS
come to this
the glow of history
so dismissed

the ‘tale’ of Godivas
fraught of Equine
no barest thought
not yours, not mine

to honor pater
seeking Hastings’ gore
not to make its
bloody shore

the naked truth
cross country brought
though often ‘Peepings’
their “hands” all sought

the talesman faltered
this early once
so now we’ve “Lorax”
blessing little ones


P.S.: Can YOU pick out the One that made the famous “entrance” from the jacket cover ? This IS the ONE time you’re requested to make that JUDGEMENT.

From Day ONE

Don’t punish the child who is staring out your

classroom window…

Find out how you can make what they see a reality.

Give them those tools that answer the QUESTIONS

of HOW.

Give them the words to define what they see,of a

precision WHAT.

Give them the patience to study all the Hows so they

WILL decide WHEN.

Show them MORE PORTALS to look through so they’ll fit

their visions with WHO.

Gently remind them that you’re here to assist them

in the assembly of those DREAMS when they’ll ask

” WHERE, can I find this “?

Because, as Gibran said,”… they’re our FUTURE
seeking ITSELF… when you ask each other ` WHY’?


There is a great reference to the following, (, “things” just ain’t what they tell us as a CHILD.

Love’s a many splintered thing
“Miz” Pinocchio should know
the jealousy of “Ma” Geppetto
it was her design, you know

Of the youth filled, bright exuberance
of the hopes, love and, craftsmanship
of to grow past simple TOY

After all the leagues of travels
after finding WHO is “right”
after going to the lengths he did
after finding LIFE’S not TRITE

Now, he was old and almost petrified
now,with Saplings far and wide
now, it’s just memories and so long ago
now, mourned, in a FIRE he died

LOVE’S a many splintered thing
“Miz” Pinocchio should KNOW
the jealousy of “Ma” Geppetto

praqtiss, Prachtiz, PRACTICE

It is not so quite original
that a scribish individual
would provide a thought so pivotal
as an Aesop, Cur-ie, or Hess.

If one’s thoughts reach for the quantical
as the hand guides all by fontical
understanding won’t be dauntical
to each reader, we should bless.

So, I’ll end this terse implausible
kiss my Muse, her song so causical
I do ask, excuse the flawsicals
I admit it’s not my best.