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…she seeks

There’s another site that I write at… AWINKANDANOD.(WP.COM)…, I keep it separate because of the irreverences that “seem” to gather away from the more “serious” items “here”. I was scrolling through the latest of those I follow and, “ARTS FESTIVAL” had the featured the above view. As an ‘aging’ bachelor the embers have a tendency to flare but, HAVE been “kept” within a “controllable environ” that I (“can”) allow to be stoked at the “proper” times. The fact that the ARTIST has rendered such an INTRIGUE of mystery and “HOPE” IS a credit. And for this beauty to remain ‘unknown’ is the mastery of “controlled excitement”. ( The model has enough variables to be one’s “co-star” of “a” lifetime.) Of that that the following is my flight of “desire”.


my hope
she’s WELL past
time’s fancy freed
the “lines”
remain quite
the rains mand
safer speeds
Sequoiaed Thumbellina
on points
my interest piqued
of love
I’ll be her gleaner
if remainer’s
what she seeks












oh see the cloud
that looks like pain
it’s mighty full
your chance of rain
though you have missed
its cleansing height
each drop speed gathered
rids hate and spite
the wash to rinse
the fears away
duration for
hope’s brighter days
and though there’s darkness
with each Nimbus to pass
it’s but the Creator’s ‘MASTER CLASS’


did you see our Moon
last night
its more of girth
than of its bright
the “honeymooner”
smirk supreme
the agent keeping
tides on beam
‘t’was peachy
in celestial haute
circumference manding
greatest of coats
the wonder hasn’t
left me yet
despite the older
that I get




“I believe that each of us comes from the creator trailing wisps of glory.”

Maya Angelou


you knew “why” the caged bird sang
its grace was too contained
and though the outside gave harangue
that beauty grew sustained

to hear the AUTHOR speak eschews
of ignorance HATE and ‘want’
to those that carried stilted views
Maya’s brilliance just would taunt

to better now our LOSS for next
an Angel chimes for gathering
the words assembled sometimes vexed
but only to the smattering



There ARE times that a ‘post’ stalls the “author’ long enough to present a better thought. Even as I had called the former “Mrs.”, My MOTHER, and ONE of the two Mothers of ‘the’ “gift” Daughters, ALL, for the WELL WISHES of a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY (!)

It’s “difficult” to know that one HAS PRO-CREATED another life, even though these TWO ARE PLANNED and ASKED FOR. And, then being “basically” excluded. The younger is for a MARRIED Couple of whom I’d given the ‘BRIDE’ away to her “Husband” to be / to STAY. Little did I know that there’d be only ONE HAND’S digits of my “visiting” with Her. It makes for the query of what a “surrogate’s” thoughts and, emotions are when there’s NO KNOWLEDGE of WHO the “receptionists” have been.

As to the thought “IGNITE R”*, the images of the TITLE ARE THE MIRACLES that make the following “prose” worthwhile.



‘Tis Mother Earth

that stamps their nature

SAPPHOS even bred word “BIRTH”

within their “NO-MAN-clature”


The draw not “luck”

makes for their GENIUS to Humanity

three-quarters of their YEAR

incept, incubate, Infancy


Their task throughout

is NEVER quite “done”

so here’s MORE PRAISE

for GREAT “SHE” called “MUM”

___________________ The AMAZING…

TWO CELL FISH to be be stopped.

TWO CELL FISH that could NOT be be stopped.


“A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you are fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true”

Cinderella – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Lyrics)
Of the many M.R.S.’ , “SHE” has NO PEER.
Of beauty that defends what rhymes
to trill the heart by force
the strength past loves of brute resigned
is SHE the challenged course
the children strong determined
the “simple” SKILLED of life
their Mother should be Ermined
getting PAST the toils and STRIFES
to once again as “mommy”
though “GRANNY” gets her eye
to GAGE some “lucky” guy


your “pen” to scribe

is MORE than LONG

of mind filled AMBITION

the POSIT today


of ARTIST getting past

OBTUSE SEDITIONS                            (



is good thought just days fashion
a cut a fit of what is this
the sidle to the unaware
wary but unaware
excuse the lofty attitude
the thought arrives to one open
for the pre-sense
the opportunity


Isn’t it “funny” how those that write ‘POETRY’ can do so enough, DAILY, that sooner than later they’ve written part of a conversation with ANOTHER?




When my older Daughter was taking some College courses she left me one of her ‘ENGLISH COMPOSITION’ textbooks. Going through the CORNUCOPIA of written(s), (by those who had / have the proper tools to be presented), I came across an EARLY scribing of George Orwell, (i.e.1984), called SHOOTING an ELEPHANT and OTHER ESSAYS . An interesting observation that “could” lead one through some of the issues “we” are learning about “WAR” and How SOLDIERS “COPE”.


The “ravages” of war, and its ‘practices’ HAS been addressed for “some” time. To set aside a place that ALLOWS for the views and, actions “taken / received” were to be offset by a greater period and action in the REPAIR of a HUMAN’S BEING.



the “quiet” ones

some think they hide

though better things

in mind resides

dismantle stupid

“simple task”


when most wear masks

the solitude of quietude

is the world’s ‘mystery’

tall peaks exude

but when the chords

of THOUGHT IS heard

most miss the timbre

of warning’s words

… thought’s dance depends

I commented on / to a new “like” the other day. The PROSE-ESS was remarkable in HER very young years. In that introduction I hope that she returns to view the inspiration she planted.



what themes create the cadence
for thoughts for us to read
from cutesy trite observances
to charts by EPIQ LEIGH

the witness from a skirmish
that brands a nation’s song
through quest filled observations
of where our faiths belong

LOVE: ‘lecent to the addled
the view the touch how felt
with angers at betrayals
to leave the mental welt

expression with a downbeat
can sway a room of friends
by twig inscribing creek bed
cross time thought’s dance depends

I’m ONE of those children that were “left behind”. “Poor” grades, even though I helped save a Man from the electric chair for a Murder in a store robbery, while taking a Summer-School class, ( Problems Of Democracy / “History”.), to regain the ONE-QUARTER CREDIT to graduate that I needed to fulfill the State requirement of doing so. The short of it is that a Man was charged for shooting a grocery store clerk with a shotgun. The man turning State’s evidence was standing IN FRONT of the clerk, The accused at the entry door of the store. A TWO INCH wound pattern KILLED the clerk.

I lost my composure and, was tossed from the room. When a recess was called I asked my teacher to get the accused’s Lawyer, begrudgingly She did. I spoke with Him explaining the HOLE the State had opened for Him. I told Him to get a “free” Police Officer and have Him tell WHY the snitch had DONE the murder, instead of the accused. The Man served time for His part of the crime but, didn’t see “SPARKY”.

For all the thought and, ‘knowledge’ that I’d shown the teacher flunked me and wrote on the report card… “[GLIB] NATURE”.

The teacher is, now, teaching at the “university” level. (Columbus State Community College. “Ms. EVITA” )


this child has so much vision
a labrynth some illion miles
you chose to leave him wanting
potentials YOU defiled
the years of constant beatings
of Platinums mostly Golds
ignored the smokes of earnest
the dreams were often sold
but time has all the shuffles
from great universal shoes
to NOT stand pat but wary
and pay too many dues
the thoughts are Krakatoan
the depth dark surface blessed
it’s built to this exposure
though never will it crest
the scream of one can echo
through mountains of defeat
the raignment’s crusts and tatters
mean journey’s soon complete
it’s now the moment’s closing
you’ve read and not gone blind
a terse from labeled “lowly”
the child you left “behind’