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oh see the cloud
that looks like pain
it’s mighty full
your chance of rain
though you have missed
its cleansing height
each drop speed gathered
rids hate and spite
the wash to rinse
the fears away
duration for
hope’s brighter days
and though there’s darkness
with each Nimbus to pass
it’s but the Creator’s ‘MASTER CLASS’


your “pen” to scribe

is MORE than LONG

of mind filled AMBITION

the POSIT today


of ARTIST getting past

OBTUSE SEDITIONS                            (



is good thought just days fashion
a cut a fit of what is this
the sidle to the unaware
wary but unaware
excuse the lofty attitude
the thought arrives to one open
for the pre-sense
the opportunity


Isn’t it “funny” how those that write ‘POETRY’ can do so enough, DAILY, that sooner than later they’ve written part of a conversation with ANOTHER?




When my older Daughter was taking some College courses she left me one of her ‘ENGLISH COMPOSITION’ textbooks. Going through the CORNUCOPIA of written(s), (by those who had / have the proper tools to be presented), I came across an EARLY scribing of George Orwell, (i.e.1984), called SHOOTING an ELEPHANT and OTHER ESSAYS . An interesting observation that “could” lead one through some of the issues “we” are learning about “WAR” and How SOLDIERS “COPE”.


The “ravages” of war, and its ‘practices’ HAS been addressed for “some” time. To set aside a place that ALLOWS for the views and, actions “taken / received” were to be offset by a greater period and action in the REPAIR of a HUMAN’S BEING.



the “quiet” ones

some think they hide

though better things

in mind resides

dismantle stupid

“simple task”


when most wear masks

the solitude of quietude

is the world’s ‘mystery’

tall peaks exude

but when the chords

of THOUGHT IS heard

most miss the timbre

of warning’s words

… such balls.

Not YOUR political CUP-OH-TEA!?!

Not YOUR political CUP-OH-TEA!?!





hiber-NATION seems be OVER
the BEAR HAS left HIS den
what treats from “happy campers”
where’s Boo-Boo when needs a friend

the flex ain’t like we’re used to
a flash mobbed reunite
the “bully” came in slinging
geo-moves were erudite

how IS this “wrong shoe” fitting
the “size” is not for “all”
presiding counselors gritting
how did they cob such balls


Over the time of this administration’s tenure Fox NEWS has done a bang(ed) up “job” on its coverage of the more serious events and, PREDICTED the outcomes of so many. The latest situation that our Presiding Leader is in the midst of has been in transitional acceleration for over TWENTY YEARS, but in within INTENSELY PLAIN (?PLANE?) view for a few months. The most defining of such the last three weeks.

“Half a League” is how it starts,


but, I wonder if any “ON-AIR” employee could expel Lord Tennyson’s remainder of verse. The funny thing about HOW the information(s) are gathered IS that TRUE KNOWLEDGE is ONLY to those within the security clearances necessary to be a weight to the outcome(s).

As the vaunted presenters visually prepare their “Stew du’ Presidente” I have a great intuition of the many pundits chagrins being the napkins for their dining on a SEVEN COURSED MEAL, starting with the Obama  “Bracketed” entree’ of Vichyssoise du’ ROUGE*. The fact that Putin HAS completed his political “PIE-IN-THE-FACE” to the leaderships of the top NINE, ( Putin has just recently resigned RUSSIA’S position.), ECONOMIES of the WORLD seems to have gotten past FOX’S Mr. Hayes types. They have NO memory of one L.P. Berra and, his take on “finalities”.

But, “we” live with such in the world, for all the experts there’s ALWAYS the truth of “the NEXT DAY”

As an example, I’m reminded of a story read in the sixth grade. It was about this ‘wagon’ builder in a small village. The man was known to produce some of the sturdiest farm and drayage vehicles in a twelve state area. The woods he used were, more often than not, BOOK-MATCHED, ( As the raw logs were sawn each plank remained as if it were still the whole trunk, therefore, when each was placed in constructive order the encasement MATCHED the mating piece.), to add an artistic flair to the purchaser’s tool. Very dapper for a Store, or Mercantile. After a time these items had garnered  some “fame” throughout the areas and, were becoming a something to own, as a sign of prosperity. Soon, a mysterious figure was noticed TAKING these magnificent wagons during varied times of the next few years. And, the THIEF never got caught, much less fully identified.

During this same time the local fishmonger kept noticing the weight of some days’ catches were askew,but, sloughed the thought because he only employed the Sloe brothers for the count. ( Their name “WAS” the mentality… at least that is what they portrayed themselves as.) They were very numerous, so “they could be paid a lower wage” due to their parents’ high libidos. They lived a mile from the “wagon-master”.

More time passed and more Wagons were taken, to be “FOUND”  too near where they’d ‘disappeared’ from. Finally a break came to the townsfolk, in that the Wagon-Master had broken his foot. The thefts “slowed’ “drastically”. Then, one of the Sloe grandsons was caught with a wagon full of FISH, ALL RED HERRING. The least of the haute’ cuisine of the village. Enough to be a week’s feed to a “group” of TWENTY…

NOBODY was stealing WAGONS! They were feeding the SLOE. This is the first corporate subsidy program recorded. And, became the basis for POLITICAL maneuverings as we have come to know them.

SO, as I get “informed” of “WHAT’ the experts are telling most folk, I GLANCE OVER the titled ICHTHYOLOGOUS FRAGRANCED “observations” and, know that the ‘leaders’ know about fixing “wagons’… and, the smell of fish.


And, Yes, YOU ARE correct. There IS NO POETRY HERE today… I’m waiting for the WORLD to write some to RUSSIA, and ALL the other political IDIOTS.

As Paul Harvey would end… GOOD DAY!

… thought’s passions

I have NO IDEA of HOW MANY people BLOG in the world today. It’s boggling to think of just the many that tap our “like” buttons after a posting. When there’s the massive multiplication of WHAT “we” write through SCHOOL, WORK, INTERPERSONAL, TECHNICAL and, CREATIVE… placing the margin notes of DAILY JOTTINGS into the equational upages and one gets to the query of “HOW ARE THE ONES THAT “FOLLOW’ US GOING TO UNDERSTAND ALL THAT WE HAVE “GIVEN” THEM!?!

The storages of the INTERNET alone has created a business model that would fill the State of TEXAS if it were placed on “Paper”. ( Needless to say the deforestation of NORTH AMERICA would be the consequences.) As the ‘gathering’ of “THE [MANY’S]” HIGHLY VARIED communique’s are just “ONE-QUINTILLIONTH” of that produced via BI-PEDS the TENTH GENERATION to follow us “MAY” need “some” type of tool to learn of what we are trying to tell them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Like NOW…

can future understand
events that caused
these registry of thoughts
will someone make
rosetta’s “stones”
for looking back to caught
whose wisdom of
this recognize
can seal the vault
of learn
can those that have
our DNA
reach to self
in turn
the keys will be
for bright obtuse
a task not for
the day’s fashions
but if the right smith
fills said works
their gift will be
thought’s passions


Just how “linked-in” was [JUSTINE SACCO]? Not so much at this moment. It makes one wonder of the “where, when and, what”. But, the “WHY” of WHO this ‘electro’, “wunderkind” of COMMUNICATIONS giant, IAC, ( IAC is the parent company of, The Daily Beast, and, a dating site for African Americans .), could go about DAILY contact with the assortment of peoples that she DID without Mr. [BARRY DILLER] having some [“INKLING“] of the “mind-set”? No matter now, the [“CULT of PERSONALITY“] allowed to implode from the IAC offices gives credence to the phrase: [” THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY “]… Or, IS there !?!

A special note: It seems that Time/Warner Cable’s highjacked the information references. Please excuse this, as I try to be more creative than what you get linked to.


is there no conversation
around the water trough
when someone marks a racist blurt
is there just shuffle… cough
the boardroom banter
before the charts
is that so all mundane
that worldly news
and general views
would brake the founder’s frame
the brightness of your best is dulled
like cutting with a spoon
no matter goodness
the product’s draw
is not through thoughts by goons
though right of “white”
the AB-SENSE of all else known
to be so micro-erudite
proves how little generation’s grown

When something captures control of “society” for many hundreds of years the mores of HOW the “keepers” ‘grew’ to their prospective “positions” give much light to the overages displayed at various intervals to a cumulative moment that makes it stronger, more relevant, better understood. This is ‘true’ with the growth of People in the “LIVING” of each’s “LIFE”. Last post a REVELATION placed itself, SQUARELY between my eyes. I THANK THE AUTHOR of the SITE / SIGHT.

With that…   the [BREADCRUMB]


these rules of “time’s” interpretation
their weight near causing caves
if  a “life’ were whim’s justifications
then TWO couldn’t walk the waves

NICEA ] did have its closeness
as [ BORGIAS ] ruled for a bit
real “FAITH” more the stem of the ROSES
the Creator rules for the wit

oh so serious the folk so controlling
and the sacrament changes display
comes the time when the truth needs extolling
such the moment when false “fades” away

author not Angel is scribing
all the signs point to where there’s a stop
the Calliope of all horns colliding
and the King culls the best of the crop

In less than TWENTY YEARS the “[ CHANGE ]” that had been so welcome in South Africa has, FAR TOO QUICKLY, become a [“TURF WAR”]. The FATE of a NATION, CULTURE and FUTURE may dissolve more quickly than sugar in boiling water if the ‘NATURAL’ PEOPLES of [ SOUTH AFRICA ] CANNOT/ WILL NOT work TOGETHER for THEIR BETTER DESTINY.


how would be

“the greatest story”

if Peter walked from the shore

no hand upon “the tiller’

no “rock” to open door

how could dodeca-“laureates”

be reduced to odd fellows

to dis-include a [“ZEALOT’S “] emplorience

gives ponder to the “FAITH”

the “leadership” is losing “grip”

their Instigant has passed

with greed and false prides growing

how long can FREEDOMS last