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Sump-in OLD SOMETHIN’ Knew

“LOVE: Is a many SPLINTERED thing”… Mrs. Pinnochio


it’s almost time to hitchin’
a life from pressed toward fold
the LOVE for this one’s strong enough
to have for one more hold

the secret’s just to listen
raised volumes kill for sure
they’ve things hard just like you
it’s time to build LOVE’S lore

Somthin’ old and sump’in new
somethin’ borrowed
from things ya’ blew
Sumpin’ old & somethin’ new
learnin’ better /* together
by things ya’ do /* … ya’ll’ll do
Somethin’ OLD with Someone “KNEW”
(*second refrain.)
one more chance for both to take
aisle a tunnel with the end that glows
forever waited for LIFE enhanced
(so) now you’re spiffed for this love’s show
A tune about the GOOD “things” that really DO “come TO THOSE who WAIT”.

The cadence of “life” was, more often than not, shaped by the TENSIONS felt as the WORLD disagreed. The many colloquial time signatures secretly stole from another’s to “spice” the rhythmic closenesses of those seeking to “forget” the fears. Each world confrontation seeded the rhythm’s PROSE… seeded the interpreter’s SONG…

The Boswell Sisters of 1932, ( close to the same year that Louis Armstrong had made his FIRST recording.), maybe a feeling of serenity just before the “Brown-Shirt Boys” had their Kristallnacht.

The 60 year partnership of Leiber and Stoller was one of the ‘flash-points’ of RADIO’S musical ARK being rock-n-roll’s light boats on the sea of youth for the 1950’s. Hound Dog… Ladies First.

… and, of course the banned bomber of HIP SHAKE.

When the middle part of the 1960’s saw that Television showed us the varied views and speech patterns of this nation the Education of the youth looked at “history”, from behind the patented type given them, as the truer “Oral” account…

… Because WE were TRULY at “some” CROSSROADS

As we, the original initiates, grow to the point where the joints can’t carry the cadences, or remember all the words, it’s nice to know that we can reach back to “other times” and get some help from those younger than us to relive more blessed moments in this life…

Remember this. This site IS for prose / poetry. What better than to see it done well. AND, KNOW that WE ALL can participate in the cadences of LIFE, “by the metre”.