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When my older Daughter was taking some College courses she left me one of her ‘ENGLISH COMPOSITION’ textbooks. Going through the CORNUCOPIA of written(s), (by those who had / have the proper tools to be presented), I came across an EARLY scribing of George Orwell, (i.e.1984), called SHOOTING an ELEPHANT and OTHER ESSAYS . An interesting observation that “could” lead one through some of the issues “we” are learning about “WAR” and How SOLDIERS “COPE”.

(see:  https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0014_0_13895.html)

The “ravages” of war, and its ‘practices’ HAS been addressed for “some” time. To set aside a place that ALLOWS for the views and, actions “taken / received” were to be offset by a greater period and action in the REPAIR of a HUMAN’S BEING.



the “quiet” ones

some think they hide

though better things

in mind resides

dismantle stupid

“simple task”


when most wear masks

the solitude of quietude

is the world’s ‘mystery’

tall peaks exude

but when the chords

of THOUGHT IS heard

most miss the timbre

of warning’s words

… such balls.

Not YOUR political CUP-OH-TEA!?!

Not YOUR political CUP-OH-TEA!?!





hiber-NATION seems be OVER
the BEAR HAS left HIS den
what treats from “happy campers”
where’s Boo-Boo when needs a friend

the flex ain’t like we’re used to
a flash mobbed reunite
the “bully” came in slinging
geo-moves were erudite

how IS this “wrong shoe” fitting
the “size” is not for “all”
presiding counselors gritting
how did they cob such balls

In less than TWENTY YEARS the “[ CHANGE ]” that had been so welcome in South Africa has, FAR TOO QUICKLY, become a [“TURF WAR”]. The FATE of a NATION, CULTURE and FUTURE may dissolve more quickly than sugar in boiling water if the ‘NATURAL’ PEOPLES of [ SOUTH AFRICA ] CANNOT/ WILL NOT work TOGETHER for THEIR BETTER DESTINY.


how would be

“the greatest story”

if Peter walked from the shore

no hand upon “the tiller’

no “rock” to open door

how could dodeca-“laureates”

be reduced to odd fellows

to dis-include a [“ZEALOT’S “] emplorience

gives ponder to the “FAITH”

the “leadership” is losing “grip”

their Instigant has passed

with greed and false prides growing

how long can FREEDOMS last


[Nakita Says AYE”]

"Ya' gotta' see the OTHERS'.

“Ya’ gotta’ see the OTHERS’.


what corner did she* hide in

what level gave her ease

with seven evil brethren

that often [more] than teased

how long was “life” in darkness

was THAT that made them so

was pride the sloth that grew them

envy unknowing greed chose how far to go

so when live tomb unlided

fresh air illumined great wrath

they gorged their way past sated

wrong’s lust near futures path


…of the PALL of ALCOHOL

( http://abcnews.go.com/2020/ElizabethVargas/ )

As a ‘CURRENTLY NON-PRACTICING SUBSTANCE ABUSER’  I Do have some understanding of the plight of Elizabeth Vargas. The best thing about her situation IS that she’s very talented.

There’s not much else to say than that, except that I would HOPE that someone gives her the address to FUNDLY.COM/thnqenterprises about an afore mentioned device for the recognition of VALOR and LONGEVITY through the “CLEAN-TIME / REMISSION” WATCH  that I’ve been attempting to bring to the public for the past FOUR YEARS. ( Imagine being able to silently “boast” of overcoming a terrible DISEASE that KILLS MILLIONS, through various means. AND to be used as a tool to help COMBAT such. It’s NOT the ‘ APIARIAN’S Patellas’ but it wouldn’t have to shuck the jive of being “NEW” every [ TEN MONTHS ].)

NO MATTER, a  HEART FELT, ‘knowledgeable’ SOMETHING for Ms. VARGAS…


the plights of WE, use, strains of grains
the pillar totters to hide “some” pains
the HIDE just isn’t from the blame
the “death” DOES mater, ALL the same

the “how’ of ‘scription has no parch
it’s here, it’s there’, the bottle’s march
hurt’s ironed lines give eyes their starch
for that “TOO MANY” takes but a spark

the “friend” inside a neck so small
has LIED to US, not friend at all
Limbick lubing Lout are they
that guide confusion through the day

hope makes the race to “SICK… AND TIRED
from liquids born BLUE BOOK INSPIRED
some time, some work and, LOTS-O-WILL
day,week,month… YEARS, STAYED SOBER ‘TIL

the buds, the crew, the alone that’s “YOU”
leave worst behind, the reason’s through
the step’s been made, You braved SANE’S CALL
to step clear of the PALL of ALCOHOL


It’s only an hour later and, I tried to send this to Ms. Vargas. BUT, I’m NOT giving up the first born to DISNEY’S PRY-MACHINE to get some good news to a fellow sufferer. ONE, ( Or any-), of YOU may find a way to do so without the “fall-DUH-rall”.

to keep in “class”


the “whats” we thought along the way
won’t make much difference past today
the rants’, the raves, insights “well” paved
there’s not much room above one’s grave

but, Hark(!), avast, good YO(!) is this
the research done might have some grist
be Tommy, Carlos RAISE YOUR FIST
as, maybe, viewers get the gist

profound-go-round, the ride be fun
to gather truths by other ONES
no time restraint, not under guns
occasionally inject a pun

the lapse of tool sets of today
have seen good grammar go astray
so, make your mark, please have a say
without novice pen-smiths hope goes away

in time the phase of text may pass
to that, still SOBER, I’ll raise a glass
to keep the orbs, bright, shiny BRASS
to those who work to keep in “class”

…Farewell To Thee

there’s only two hips YOU can hurt
you’ve taken income, most all my shirts
protect the FOOL but, raze the MAN
with ALL My might, with ALL I CAN

what infraction makes you treat me thus
found integrity became your fuss
my prayers weak but, not that mussed
I’m mad, though not a vain name cussed

the quit as child you’ll not get now
you show me when you taught me how
I’ve been both knees you won’t get bow
your whisper “stop” my NO is loud

the blood you seek will be thine own
the many paths a light’s been shown
practice perfect now has been honed
born to a LIFE that’s not a loan

mistakes, YES, made the lessons steep
here is good man, not guided Sheep
to dream isn’t always as we sleep
to HAVE and HOLD is MINE to KEEP

remove what you can, I will make more
confuse who you can, they won’t be sure
destroy what you want, I’ll find the cure
no room for the dumb, go find your door

good-bye and great riddance, fair thee well
go back to your Hades. no, best to HELL
this world you created I will NOT dwell
the life you’re advertising just won’t sell

the volunteers call is not for me
the act you call freedom ain’t that free
life is to have responsibly
“dear” failure, I say farewell to thee

Six feet
of Kimberlite NOIR
bin tossed
value unrecognised

As yet
the ‘market’ is FIXED
choosing “like”
Denatured Natural Aliens
clinging to a ‘DEATH’
reposting mistakes
as wis-dumbs profound

Rockwell knows
my toughness a wave
a creative innovate
washed by OWN hemogloben
the ‘SON’
traded WISDOMS
with my foreparents
Anwar passed near

when stumble becomes a growth to quick-step
as two let feet can show us a grand waltz
does it REALLY matter how we grow it
when all it is is to REMOVE some common faults

who cares about a great position
when you see a child that cannot walk
is it really such an imposition
it’s the DOING of a SAVIOR without balk

there are stories told of miracles and magic
with a wave of hand or wand it’s done
but if the faiths need building
can’t you spare enough from greed to save just ONE

you’ll change a channel when you see “THEIR” reachings
the decision of the “WHO” debate
and the while keeps getting LONGER
“My,did you hear, I guess again we’re too late”

It doesn’t have to be a pick and choosing
there’s so many just a little here and there
for a cover’s made by the many weaving
it’s like the way the AIR we breathe WE SHARE

I was contacted by someone that has a BRILLIANT MIND,but ‘needs’ the assistance to complete a massive project. I guess the way of my comment and ensuing presentation was viewed and deemed unsatisfactory, then moderated into oblivion. It REALLY doesn’t matter HOW the “STYLE” of GOOD gets done. But as we’ve recently witnessed… many have their druthers. Since “style” is so important to so many maybe I can ‘present’ the “plea” in a way that is more “understandable”…

… The “TUNE” can be set to EVERY “TEMPO”.