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“I believe that each of us comes from the creator trailing wisps of glory.”

Maya Angelou


you knew “why” the caged bird sang
its grace was too contained
and though the outside gave harangue
that beauty grew sustained

to hear the AUTHOR speak eschews
of ignorance HATE and ‘want’
to those that carried stilted views
Maya’s brilliance just would taunt

to better now our LOSS for next
an Angel chimes for gathering
the words assembled sometimes vexed
but only to the smattering


“A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you are fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true”

Cinderella – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Lyrics)
Of the many M.R.S.’ , “SHE” has NO PEER.
Of beauty that defends what rhymes
to trill the heart by force
the strength past loves of brute resigned
is SHE the challenged course
the children strong determined
the “simple” SKILLED of life
their Mother should be Ermined
getting PAST the toils and STRIFES
to once again as “mommy”
though “GRANNY” gets her eye
to GAGE some “lucky” guy


your “pen” to scribe

is MORE than LONG

of mind filled AMBITION

the POSIT today


of ARTIST getting past

OBTUSE SEDITIONS                            (http://charlottecuevas.wordpress.com/)



is good thought just days fashion
a cut a fit of what is this
the sidle to the unaware
wary but unaware
excuse the lofty attitude
the thought arrives to one open
for the pre-sense
the opportunity


Isn’t it “funny” how those that write ‘POETRY’ can do so enough, DAILY, that sooner than later they’ve written part of a conversation with ANOTHER?

… thought’s dance depends

I commented on / to a new “like” the other day. The PROSE-ESS was remarkable in HER very young years. In that introduction I hope that she returns to view the inspiration she planted.



what themes create the cadence
for thoughts for us to read
from cutesy trite observances
to charts by EPIQ LEIGH

the witness from a skirmish
that brands a nation’s song
through quest filled observations
of where our faiths belong

LOVE: ‘lecent to the addled
the view the touch how felt
with angers at betrayals
to leave the mental welt

expression with a downbeat
can sway a room of friends
by twig inscribing creek bed
cross time thought’s dance depends

how often is the moment “right”

that we will hold so tight

the lettered finder to prove with might

no credit to eons’  many “nights”

[SIR ALAGAN] caught a hint profound

as ponder chipped the facts at ground

mere seconds of universe we’re bound

to claim the miniscule as sound

the basis of what is “here” today

but mutant drifted while at play

though “smarter” stake that what they say

yet “new” is OLDER than our [FORAYS]

… thought’s passions

I have NO IDEA of HOW MANY people BLOG in the world today. It’s boggling to think of just the many that tap our “like” buttons after a posting. When there’s the massive multiplication of WHAT “we” write through SCHOOL, WORK, INTERPERSONAL, TECHNICAL and, CREATIVE… placing the margin notes of DAILY JOTTINGS into the equational upages and one gets to the query of “HOW ARE THE ONES THAT “FOLLOW’ US GOING TO UNDERSTAND ALL THAT WE HAVE “GIVEN” THEM!?!

The storages of the INTERNET alone has created a business model that would fill the State of TEXAS if it were placed on “Paper”. ( Needless to say the deforestation of NORTH AMERICA would be the consequences.) As the ‘gathering’ of “THE [MANY’S]” HIGHLY VARIED communique’s are just “ONE-QUINTILLIONTH” of that produced via BI-PEDS the TENTH GENERATION to follow us “MAY” need “some” type of tool to learn of what we are trying to tell them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Like NOW…

can future understand
events that caused
these registry of thoughts
will someone make
rosetta’s “stones”
for looking back to caught
whose wisdom of
this recognize
can seal the vault
of learn
can those that have
our DNA
reach to self
in turn
the keys will be
for bright obtuse
a task not for
the day’s fashions
but if the right smith
fills said works
their gift will be
thought’s passions

When something captures control of “society” for many hundreds of years the mores of HOW the “keepers” ‘grew’ to their prospective “positions” give much light to the overages displayed at various intervals to a cumulative moment that makes it stronger, more relevant, better understood. This is ‘true’ with the growth of People in the “LIVING” of each’s “LIFE”. Last post a REVELATION placed itself, SQUARELY between my eyes. I THANK THE AUTHOR of the SITE / SIGHT.

With that…   the [BREADCRUMB]


these rules of “time’s” interpretation
their weight near causing caves
if  a “life’ were whim’s justifications
then TWO couldn’t walk the waves

NICEA ] did have its closeness
as [ BORGIAS ] ruled for a bit
real “FAITH” more the stem of the ROSES
the Creator rules for the wit

oh so serious the folk so controlling
and the sacrament changes display
comes the time when the truth needs extolling
such the moment when false “fades” away

author not Angel is scribing
all the signs point to where there’s a stop
the Calliope of all horns colliding
and the King culls the best of the crop

The Charteuse Moose

the world had grown into this mess

that squandered healthy life

the animals had had to there

the “smart ones” made such strife

they had the tools that built nice stuff

but, that made ugly leavings

they said they’d clean their messes up

the herds knew that deceiving

the fish were spawned [ ON “FARMS”  ] on land

their home pools [ DAMMED ] from schools

the wolves that taught those [ ‘ROMAN BOYS’  ]

were hunted by scared [ FOOLS ]

when energy was became a shock

the bi-peds killed the air

the harvesters of that same wind

[‘NATIONAL SYMBOLS’] can die right there

the atmosphere grew overweight

with chemicals galore

business fooled the magistrates

breath in-breathe out such gore

the kingdom called the [ PHYLUM ]

soon species chimed right in

we need to build asylums

to stop these ‘human’ sins

elections held in secret

the call to find hope’s wraith

swim or walk to slide , fly, crawl

an action to shake “industry’s ” faith

the birds gave reports of the thing

that showed strange pictured kind

the Shepherd barked he’d seen the thing

above below all creatures came

the gathering of concerns

they found a young Moose that walked as lame

his coat matted by leaf and worms

the continental conclaves were told of this live ruse

the [ CAVE WORMS ] had innovations

where their chemistry could be used

they crawled up ‘cross his withers

the gut and over back

they hung on for their very lives

the tail excitedly swung to rump’s whack

but when they got close to the nose

the flair was just like home

the Moose’s eyes began to glow

their message was set to roam

the first try was [“BLACK HILLS” ] with bikes

what fun to watch beards flap

reports to news shows told of great ghosts

disbelieving newsmen said “that’s a wrap”

a few weeks hence along a fence

that belonged to some rich guy

the Moose presented such a fright all’s Jeans could use a rinse

quite soon the ‘net was so deluged

by people that “seen” the wraith

the nation’s science doctorate prepared their hasty kluge

but just as soon as inks were dry

there with a child revealing truth

both walked up Pennsylvania Ave

a babe with a CHARTREUSE MOOSE

the scientists were all amazed

at such simple lesson brought

the “finest” minds had been so blind

not “Bigfoot” as most had thought

when tests were done the “experts” whined

were refused their dish by Crows

as the UNIVERSE can work great “signs”

if “YOU ” treat ALL KINDLY as you GO

this story won’t be finished

we know for quite some time

but as you’ve gotten to this POINT

THINK reason for the rhyme

~~~~~~~~~~~File INTO the Category: [“SEUSS-OH-NOMICS”]

this was inspired by the thought of a friend’s SON.

Not For Goodness’ Sake

Hi folk, have YOU noticed how …’INTERESTING the WordPress. anything “log-in” has gotten? Half the time the SHREW and improved theme-MATT-tical board revolves attention confusing GUESS-OH-GRABS while those that have been here a “couple” months are scrambling to set an urgent gripe, or “atta-buoy”, to text between whatever else our lives DEMAND. EVERYONE knows of facebook and its ugly siblings, and I have no want of some newly graduated, corporately edge-UH-macated “savant’s”, opinion on something that isn’t bubble-gummed to their “eye-plod”.
I guess that’s why I still use a REEL mower to cut my grasses… which IS how golf courses do it… because it’s a tool that doesn’t SUCK. ( If you don’t “know”, the spinng blades of the gasoline powered mower / more create a ‘vacuum’ to lift the grass blades for “uniformity”.)
So, here’s my *Eu-‘pinion
*( French “word”= water, which the difficulties of “improvement DON’T HOLD.), of the new log-in LABYRINTH.

Aww,what the heck
with all this tech
we’ll pile it
more and fast
the code’s so right
for “social” flights
with seo-kay
stall the staunch’s way

we’ll advertise
might sever ties
the goal is bottom line
those still in free
are stopped to see
that business
is for income

so change we must
through all their fuss
tech’s world has spun today
if they won’t grasp
this new door hasp
we’ve young-dumbs
on the way

so if you will
gorp pill that chills
sit down and figure out
there is a way
to have your say
though not what we
care about


since dropped here
by a wind
and gleefully thrust past
the crust of this marble
my cotyledon stretched
as the Olympian
addresses the caber

the view remains the magnificence
Pool waves my face back at me
my toes never harden
so the friends that also ring the life

I have been here since before the Pict
Pool holds the quench for us all
Hill holds our conversations around us
and Bush teases Grass for catching
what the animals ate yesterday

and still Pool is good enough
to grant me sight of myself
bent gnarled and PROUD

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to ‘PHOTOBOTOS’ for “liking” a post. My “print” has never been fine, but someone reads it “ever wunst-en-uh-wile”.