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There ARE times that a ‘post’ stalls the “author’ long enough to present a better thought. Even as I had called the former “Mrs.”, My MOTHER, and ONE of the two Mothers of ‘the’ “gift” Daughters, ALL, for the WELL WISHES of a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY (!)

It’s “difficult” to know that one HAS PRO-CREATED another life, even though these TWO ARE PLANNED and ASKED FOR. And, then being “basically” excluded. The younger is for a MARRIED Couple of whom I’d given the ‘BRIDE’ away to her “Husband” to be / to STAY. Little did I know that there’d be only ONE HAND’S digits of my “visiting” with Her. It makes for the query of what a “surrogate’s” thoughts and, emotions are when there’s NO KNOWLEDGE of WHO the “receptionists” have been.

As to the thought “IGNITE R”*, the images of the TITLE ARE THE MIRACLES that make the following “prose” worthwhile.



‘Tis Mother Earth

that stamps their nature

SAPPHOS even bred word “BIRTH”

within their “NO-MAN-clature”


The draw not “luck”

makes for their GENIUS to Humanity

three-quarters of their YEAR

incept, incubate, Infancy


Their task throughout

is NEVER quite “done”

so here’s MORE PRAISE

for GREAT “SHE” called “MUM”

___________________ The AMAZING…

TWO CELL FISH to be be stopped.

TWO CELL FISH that could NOT be be stopped.

… thought’s dance depends

I commented on / to a new “like” the other day. The PROSE-ESS was remarkable in HER very young years. In that introduction I hope that she returns to view the inspiration she planted.



what themes create the cadence
for thoughts for us to read
from cutesy trite observances
to charts by EPIQ LEIGH

the witness from a skirmish
that brands a nation’s song
through quest filled observations
of where our faiths belong

LOVE: ‘lecent to the addled
the view the touch how felt
with angers at betrayals
to leave the mental welt

expression with a downbeat
can sway a room of friends
by twig inscribing creek bed
cross time thought’s dance depends

How others see half of me.

I’ve run out of all the options
no “Sayer” to fetch the gift
the chance has passed
lick the empty glass
acceptance IS the got’cha

The future whispered to me
Tumescence was my reply
the scramble to replenish
wore thin most every ply

To gleaner I’ve accomplished
no fall “FROM” grace was this
I know the few, the mes, the yous
God’s proper Diamond grist

Ours was to gather wonder
and file it in our LIFE
though we have stashed thought’s plunders
we guard it through our strifes

Off guard, the doctors test us
their job, to seal the BOLT
sweet Mengeles will dust MORE fuzz
their height is TOME-filled Golds

So, here I sit, just waiting
the noose is sliding down
the make-up over brilliance
will hide most any Clown.
I had to go and get ‘evaluated’ by a “GUB-MINT” approved PSYCH-Retractic Doctor the other day. I haven’t done so in about THREE YEARS(!).The diagnosis was O.C.D. AND ‘NARCISSISTIC’… I’ve tried to get the hospital to release these findings to ME but, as yet, NADDA.
The name on the form was that of MALE… NOT THE CASE! Dr. MEYER was not “fetching”, not one of the “LEE”Sisters, (That would be “UGGH”-LEE.), not one you’d fawn over. But she was wonderful to keep eye contact with. When I walked into the office I was greeted by a Woman that told of trying to look like Stevie Nicks,( Fleetwood Mac), when I told her that I’d been a “stagehand” for thirty, plus, years.
Getting back to the Doctor, her pleasantry was guarded, C.L.I.N.I.C.A.L., I didn’t help much. I talk in “circles”, the “story” gets told but, with a lot of side cul-de-sacs. The event was EU-QUE’ until she got a tad perturbed that I “HADN’T” mentioned “ANY” TREATMENT for my FORMER Cocaine addiction. WHY doesn’t a STATE certified Mental “HEALTH” expert know of organizations that have acronyms like A.R.C.( Salvation Army for ADULT REHABILITATION CENTER.), or to “NOT” have heard “I spent a YEAR and THREE MONTHS getting Clean and Sober at the “SALLY” when the term is usually NINE MONTHS”.
I’ve spent a GREAT DEAL of time PROTECTING MY SELF from turning BACK to THAT direction. And SHE is irked at HER missed “TEST”! The “visit” ended with the notification that it would be a couple days for her to return her “views”. Weeks (!?!) more until “COWIC” could Help me with my job search. When I walked to the entrance with my written evaluational paperwork the “kindly” receptionist of entry had turned into “MISSUS BRUSQUEMORE”.

I guess the MORAL of this is that in order to KEEP folks FROM PUSHING “YOUR” BUTTONS, one MUST STOP showing the careless / care-less your “KEYBOARD”. The diagnostics and “repair” fees are staggering… because there IS NO REPLACEMENT “PART” for YOU.

…Dust to Dust

If we are from just ashes
a “potter’s” mold of dust
then what becomes of Fishes
do they turn into rusts ?

Like Snails a track the lineage
traced from a simple slime
snakes, lizards, Kiwi, Platypus
we start as egg sublime.

As life shades have their drawings
and Love’s been passed to more
how grand will you design the Junk
that cruise from final shore?

great lumps of translucent hide
great crains of dreams inside
great works fill large countrysides
great loves for ones by your side

what of the fact that you will trade
another when the shine does fade
through their life fluids you would wade
all for the want of that other’s glade

would those someones not just like “us”
you’d help tumble under some quickened bus
stand eye to eye all stern, non-plussed
so full of self, “CALIGULASED”

where once refinement that you’d built
forgot fine linens, buy cheap gilts
the world you grew is now in wilt
look ’round at children, have you guilt

mine isn’t anger just some aback
without together all will lack
to many “KIN” not even shacked
return the world onto its track

Excuse me
when you
see me jump
it’s something very “me”
that little “mink”
the diurnal “bump”
I’m used to it you see

“They” try to hide
since early on
me “MUM”
says I’m not “bad”
I wonder
if she passed
“them” on
the semblance
is so sad

A warning
“see child”
be forewarned
you’re wonderful all through
it’s control
catch the “wild”
since befores
one has to do

When young
there’s some “protection”
as youth
you learn so much
frantics give respites
so don’t
re-engage their clutch

So, when
strange visions startle
your heart-rate
eyes so wide
that you own
the lock
just don’t
you step inside

The “need” to “be”

the need to be
or not to be
is queried
far and wide.

to call out
for another’s voice
we listen,
cross divides.

now the few
are many,
and all too similar.

they want the “same”
if not, to blame,
to keep “things as they were”.

in that most find
the chase is blind,
from miniscule to great.

that difference
that makes us “US”…
there was no mold to break.