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your “pen” to scribe

is MORE than LONG

of mind filled AMBITION

the POSIT today


of ARTIST getting past

OBTUSE SEDITIONS                            (http://charlottecuevas.wordpress.com/)



is good thought just days fashion
a cut a fit of what is this
the sidle to the unaware
wary but unaware
excuse the lofty attitude
the thought arrives to one open
for the pre-sense
the opportunity


Isn’t it “funny” how those that write ‘POETRY’ can do so enough, DAILY, that sooner than later they’ve written part of a conversation with ANOTHER?

…of the PALL of ALCOHOL

( http://abcnews.go.com/2020/ElizabethVargas/ )

As a ‘CURRENTLY NON-PRACTICING SUBSTANCE ABUSER’  I Do have some understanding of the plight of Elizabeth Vargas. The best thing about her situation IS that she’s very talented.

There’s not much else to say than that, except that I would HOPE that someone gives her the address to FUNDLY.COM/thnqenterprises about an afore mentioned device for the recognition of VALOR and LONGEVITY through the “CLEAN-TIME / REMISSION” WATCH  that I’ve been attempting to bring to the public for the past FOUR YEARS. ( Imagine being able to silently “boast” of overcoming a terrible DISEASE that KILLS MILLIONS, through various means. AND to be used as a tool to help COMBAT such. It’s NOT the ‘ APIARIAN’S Patellas’ but it wouldn’t have to shuck the jive of being “NEW” every [ TEN MONTHS ].)

NO MATTER, a  HEART FELT, ‘knowledgeable’ SOMETHING for Ms. VARGAS…


the plights of WE, use, strains of grains
the pillar totters to hide “some” pains
the HIDE just isn’t from the blame
the “death” DOES mater, ALL the same

the “how’ of ‘scription has no parch
it’s here, it’s there’, the bottle’s march
hurt’s ironed lines give eyes their starch
for that “TOO MANY” takes but a spark

the “friend” inside a neck so small
has LIED to US, not friend at all
Limbick lubing Lout are they
that guide confusion through the day

hope makes the race to “SICK… AND TIRED
from liquids born BLUE BOOK INSPIRED
some time, some work and, LOTS-O-WILL
day,week,month… YEARS, STAYED SOBER ‘TIL

the buds, the crew, the alone that’s “YOU”
leave worst behind, the reason’s through
the step’s been made, You braved SANE’S CALL
to step clear of the PALL of ALCOHOL


It’s only an hour later and, I tried to send this to Ms. Vargas. BUT, I’m NOT giving up the first born to DISNEY’S PRY-MACHINE to get some good news to a fellow sufferer. ONE, ( Or any-), of YOU may find a way to do so without the “fall-DUH-rall”.

Sump-in OLD SOMETHIN’ Knew

“LOVE: Is a many SPLINTERED thing”… Mrs. Pinnochio


it’s almost time to hitchin’
a life from pressed toward fold
the LOVE for this one’s strong enough
to have for one more hold

the secret’s just to listen
raised volumes kill for sure
they’ve things hard just like you
it’s time to build LOVE’S lore

Somthin’ old and sump’in new
somethin’ borrowed
from things ya’ blew
Sumpin’ old & somethin’ new
learnin’ better /* together
by things ya’ do /* … ya’ll’ll do
Somethin’ OLD with Someone “KNEW”
(*second refrain.)
one more chance for both to take
aisle a tunnel with the end that glows
forever waited for LIFE enhanced
(so) now you’re spiffed for this love’s show
A tune about the GOOD “things” that really DO “come TO THOSE who WAIT”.

Law says
kill, don’t flee
when not
look like me
I press
the issue
their fear

quite white enough
Glock nine’s
right stuff
they won’t
get past
my lear

oops overdone
to hide
to run
they said that
I’d all rights

what if
zeal’s wrong
this law
to pong
my own


they saunter
through a glen
of their own
design, construct
an ester
to caress the mind
with heart

walking topia-glyphs
a wind driven rumba
sways the seeker
swats the course

their sighs
make us kites
their shoulders
make us reach
their hips
make us Sequoias
their thoughts
make us RICH

causative, caustic,calming, clamorous
they are the CATALYST
for building
for anticipations

times three
please sing
some more
to me

you’ll find
I have
no “social skills”
at least the ones
you “know”

the world is “US”
it’s work
not FUSS
we are

to us
IS action
not cursor
buttons pushed

the group a “like”
called ALL man-KIND
the many
that won’t


They are our only chronicalers
of who “we” are
and who
we’ve been

‘she’ is the “tender”
of home
of heart
of structure
of “our” new humanity
in “my” arms

they see directions
why do we corrupt

why do “we” want
when “we” are so
so greedy
… so care-shy
… so afraid
too fragile
to risk

I’m standing NAKED
in the middle of
of course I have
there’s no “pockets”
at the moment
but, I know where
there’s a MOUNTAIN
of them
that with a COAT
I’ll have

Gettting “things” done here is like watching FOURTEEN YEARS of
… WIth NO BATHROON break.

when stumble becomes a growth to quick-step
as two let feet can show us a grand waltz
does it REALLY matter how we grow it
when all it is is to REMOVE some common faults

who cares about a great position
when you see a child that cannot walk
is it really such an imposition
it’s the DOING of a SAVIOR without balk

there are stories told of miracles and magic
with a wave of hand or wand it’s done
but if the faiths need building
can’t you spare enough from greed to save just ONE

you’ll change a channel when you see “THEIR” reachings
the decision of the “WHO” debate
and the while keeps getting LONGER
“My,did you hear, I guess again we’re too late”

It doesn’t have to be a pick and choosing
there’s so many just a little here and there
for a cover’s made by the many weaving
it’s like the way the AIR we breathe WE SHARE

I was contacted by someone that has a BRILLIANT MIND,but ‘needs’ the assistance to complete a massive project. I guess the way of my comment and ensuing presentation was viewed and deemed unsatisfactory, then moderated into oblivion. It REALLY doesn’t matter HOW the “STYLE” of GOOD gets done. But as we’ve recently witnessed… many have their druthers. Since “style” is so important to so many maybe I can ‘present’ the “plea” in a way that is more “understandable”…

… The “TUNE” can be set to EVERY “TEMPO”.

A few years ago I got to witness the Russel Simmons POETRY TOUR.
I got a comment from a “Sibling” of Mother Earth that has a “laserblade” of a site, ( daconnoisseur.com), YOU NEDD Ta’ GEAUX, DARE. I found the comment as I’d tagged in to present this title/ “song”…

ten digit PI since age of ten
ride non-bare just like windsoars Big Ben
the Rooster’s walk with all my friends
and not a tear when “chick-flicks” end

no solitaire play by gross Mon Frere
and tell you a yarn from here-to-there
saved ’round-the-ways I guess I’m still square
trade in the Pimp Cup for the comfy chair

when you think you’re “THE SHIT”…
1.) …they lie to you
2.) …they spy on you
3.) …they cry “for” you
4.) …they’ll kiss your …. (hand)
5.) …they’ll buy your brand
6.) …they’ll call you grand…
…’Cause when you think you’re the “shit”

time is the teacher of the dense
time is the reason for a fence
time is the reason a tear is rince
time provides chargings for OFFENCE… ’cause