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oh see the cloud
that looks like pain
it’s mighty full
your chance of rain
though you have missed
its cleansing height
each drop speed gathered
rids hate and spite
the wash to rinse
the fears away
duration for
hope’s brighter days
and though there’s darkness
with each Nimbus to pass
it’s but the Creator’s ‘MASTER CLASS’

…Farewell To Thee

there’s only two hips YOU can hurt
you’ve taken income, most all my shirts
protect the FOOL but, raze the MAN
with ALL My might, with ALL I CAN

what infraction makes you treat me thus
found integrity became your fuss
my prayers weak but, not that mussed
I’m mad, though not a vain name cussed

the quit as child you’ll not get now
you show me when you taught me how
I’ve been both knees you won’t get bow
your whisper “stop” my NO is loud

the blood you seek will be thine own
the many paths a light’s been shown
practice perfect now has been honed
born to a LIFE that’s not a loan

mistakes, YES, made the lessons steep
here is good man, not guided Sheep
to dream isn’t always as we sleep
to HAVE and HOLD is MINE to KEEP

remove what you can, I will make more
confuse who you can, they won’t be sure
destroy what you want, I’ll find the cure
no room for the dumb, go find your door

good-bye and great riddance, fair thee well
go back to your Hades. no, best to HELL
this world you created I will NOT dwell
the life you’re advertising just won’t sell

the volunteers call is not for me
the act you call freedom ain’t that free
life is to have responsibly
“dear” failure, I say farewell to thee

Have I…

have I passed
the eternal
“USE BY” date
no longer
worth more than
from which made

has the weight
of measure
short fallen lines
the judgement
rendered by myself
as now
growing into feeble

see remaining embers
still viable
innovation’s growths remain
grown stronger
seeds preserved for
originator’s guidances

have I passed
this “life’s”
“used by” date
is it
against a rule
to reset


It’s NOT amusing. During the course of setting the timelines of the action of “bringing” an idea to the public that IS capable of helping it THAT public remains firmly, and “comfortably”, skewered upon the suppository delivery systems completely satisfied with tainted placebos.The sites that have contacted here, because of the tag CANCER, comment of the viability of content. But, NEVER send this information to others for their usage. For the past five days I’ve sent 33 site contacts and emails to the myriad of Cancer research foundations, this after quadrupling that number consistently for the past three years. It just “might” be my TIMING. Though it, more likely, is that most of these folk are “unknowingly” suffering from even greater “cancers”…
COMPLACENCY, GREED and PREJUDICE. Their beginning actions reaching a “manageable” pace because they can’t let a dissimilar route of action be mapped along theirs. The fact that the financial glories, the “HOW MUCH WE’VE DONE”, couldn’t possibly be shared with this thing “that took MY…”. Even though the numbers of WHO GETS WHAT spotlights the SPECIFIC, the “JUST-US” factor ENCOURAGES the ‘cancer’ through the SPACES created by such.

In that, I DON’T mind being the new TELEMACHUS.

The cadence of “life” was, more often than not, shaped by the TENSIONS felt as the WORLD disagreed. The many colloquial time signatures secretly stole from another’s to “spice” the rhythmic closenesses of those seeking to “forget” the fears. Each world confrontation seeded the rhythm’s PROSE… seeded the interpreter’s SONG…

The Boswell Sisters of 1932, ( close to the same year that Louis Armstrong had made his FIRST recording.), maybe a feeling of serenity just before the “Brown-Shirt Boys” had their Kristallnacht.

The 60 year partnership of Leiber and Stoller was one of the ‘flash-points’ of RADIO’S musical ARK being rock-n-roll’s light boats on the sea of youth for the 1950’s. Hound Dog… Ladies First.

… and, of course the banned bomber of HIP SHAKE.

When the middle part of the 1960’s saw that Television showed us the varied views and speech patterns of this nation the Education of the youth looked at “history”, from behind the patented type given them, as the truer “Oral” account…

… Because WE were TRULY at “some” CROSSROADS

As we, the original initiates, grow to the point where the joints can’t carry the cadences, or remember all the words, it’s nice to know that we can reach back to “other times” and get some help from those younger than us to relive more blessed moments in this life…

Remember this. This site IS for prose / poetry. What better than to see it done well. AND, KNOW that WE ALL can participate in the cadences of LIFE, “by the metre”.

when stumble becomes a growth to quick-step
as two let feet can show us a grand waltz
does it REALLY matter how we grow it
when all it is is to REMOVE some common faults

who cares about a great position
when you see a child that cannot walk
is it really such an imposition
it’s the DOING of a SAVIOR without balk

there are stories told of miracles and magic
with a wave of hand or wand it’s done
but if the faiths need building
can’t you spare enough from greed to save just ONE

you’ll change a channel when you see “THEIR” reachings
the decision of the “WHO” debate
and the while keeps getting LONGER
“My,did you hear, I guess again we’re too late”

It doesn’t have to be a pick and choosing
there’s so many just a little here and there
for a cover’s made by the many weaving
it’s like the way the AIR we breathe WE SHARE

I was contacted by someone that has a BRILLIANT MIND,but ‘needs’ the assistance to complete a massive project. I guess the way of my comment and ensuing presentation was viewed and deemed unsatisfactory, then moderated into oblivion. It REALLY doesn’t matter HOW the “STYLE” of GOOD gets done. But as we’ve recently witnessed… many have their druthers. Since “style” is so important to so many maybe I can ‘present’ the “plea” in a way that is more “understandable”…

… The “TUNE” can be set to EVERY “TEMPO”.

Grasping Toward FUTURE

A piece called “art” made by combining three parts is a TRIPTYCH. Here’s the second ‘panel’ to my attempt.

they said to
hold my head up
as when tears roll
to drown your words

why should I
climb that mountain
when I know
that toss
is your most used verb

to place on you such blessings
we know greed gives no returns
catch Bluebirds
for some happiness
success the goal of earn

what if you could save the “world”
or parts of it at least
stop sad parades of SOMEONE’S dying child
help KILL CANCERS those such BEASTS

what if it were done so simple
the “why-didn’t-I-think-of-THAT”
to see it worn for many’s sake
better than the “pass-around-of-hats”

to know that neighbors made it work
to make “their” time ACQUIRED
to see the research far succeed
where until now it mired

when we “arrive” we count the days
until we become that “next”
but, some aren’t blessed with such advance
DESEASE, their FUTURE TIME has vexed

So, here I am here rhyming
to ask of YOU a chance
I’ve made a “thing” to raise the funds
so sick GET WELL to dance

It may be against a law for someone to write a POEM about raising funds for something they’ve ‘INVENTED’… INNOVATED. But, I DON’T THINK SO. Ihave been beating my head against the CORPORATE WALLS of this Country for EIGHT YEARS. The simplicity of this device WILL make the raising of large enough funds for CANCER RESEACH… ANY needed research(!)… So unique and “TIMELY”. And to accomplish the process of getting ‘IT’ manufactured will cost me less than, ($30k), THIRTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS. In this day and age AND Political ATMOSPHERE, the companies that reside within these shores WON’T help produce the ‘IDEA’. (“It hasn’t come from INSIDE the Corporation’s “body”.) That includes TIMEX, FOSSIL and TEXAS INSTUMENTS. They’ve ALL said NO to this. If you, as READER, would like to KNOW about what this post is really telling YOU EMAIL me at tananman@gmail.com, (remember, to those “children” that just “need” to disrupt, THERE IS a tracking ability…), to obtain the basic informations about this ‘device’ to show YOU what it CAN and WILL “DO”. If the prose is “good enough” to warrent your attention, hopefully it will do the same to see some research assistances for THE ERADICATION OF CANCERS as well as so MANY other deseases.
I’m seeking help for the “STONE-CHICKEN SOUP” OF community helping COMMUNITY.
For those that DO/ HAVE read this, SEND IT TO SOMEBODY. YOU KNOW people that NEED better help for their “conditions”. AND, for all the “talk” by our POLITICIANS about Health“CARE” a POSITIVE / INTELLEGENT ACTION “might LEAD THEM to DO THE SAME.

‘One Man- “ONE” Vote

You asked me why I unsubscribed
from adverticements and diatribes
of office holders not concerned
about what “WE” CITIZENS have learned

The temperature has been cut back
the babies have no similac
can’t buy a car a job I lack
four bedrooms turned into a shack

so taxing of my life not PAY
goes on and on most every day
the robos that you send my way
as baseless as words used to sway

now read this terse of how I feel
as you do spin your spinning “wheels”
they pay so much your “pockets” squeal
but come NOVEMBER you’ll know how I feel
I don’t know about you but, putting your email address to anything that goes to the “government” has been declared “FAIR GAME” to any, and all POLITICAL “interests”. My last, from another Democrat. That meaning that “the party” has come to think that we’re dense enough to believe that a particular politician would take THEIR time to contact YOU personally. One such was Florida Legislator SCHULTZ, who I’d written to about a fundraing “device” for CANCER RESEARCH. SHE NEVER took the time to RETURN a response. But, allowed her name to be put on an email extolling the benefits of MY VOTE. After the “um-teenth” I UNSUBSCRIBED. When “asked” why I shook my head gave them the truth then pressed ENTER. WE, are almost just a set of bytes to those we “vote” for. Hopefully, we WILL place someone who IS SOME ONE. Along with MORE SOME ONES. If our elected SINCERELY want to KNOW what we think and DO it’s time for them to get back to their “NECK-OF-THE-WOODS” and REAQUAINT themselves with the FAUNA.
Are YOU listening “WASHINGTON” ?
If you have the guts send this around to those that can vote. It DOESN’T matter which political lean… we’re listing worse than the TITANIC anyway.
Maybe the tile should be:ONE IN 235,809,266 VOTES.

I tell you, hey, look yonder
or, THAT’S IT, dig over here
you won’t like the way things look
they’re answers to a question’s fears

Life hasn’t blessed me with very long
our paths too great to often cross
but, it seems that truth’s a puzzle
and, over time, best pieces lost

Sometimes what’s real just goes away
its closet, next guise to wear
it’s up to us to track its paths
there’s no time that we can spare

praqtiss, Prachtiz, PRACTICE

It is not so quite original
that a scribish individual
would provide a thought so pivotal
as an Aesop, Cur-ie, or Hess.

If one’s thoughts reach for the quantical
as the hand guides all by fontical
understanding won’t be dauntical
to each reader, we should bless.

So, I’ll end this terse implausible
kiss my Muse, her song so causical
I do ask, excuse the flawsicals
I admit it’s not my best.