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oh see the cloud
that looks like pain
it’s mighty full
your chance of rain
though you have missed
its cleansing height
each drop speed gathered
rids hate and spite
the wash to rinse
the fears away
duration for
hope’s brighter days
and though there’s darkness
with each Nimbus to pass
it’s but the Creator’s ‘MASTER CLASS’


did you see our Moon
last night
its more of girth
than of its bright
the “honeymooner”
smirk supreme
the agent keeping
tides on beam
‘t’was peachy
in celestial haute
circumference manding
greatest of coats
the wonder hasn’t
left me yet
despite the older
that I get


Over the time of this administration’s tenure Fox NEWS has done a bang(ed) up “job” on its coverage of the more serious events and, PREDICTED the outcomes of so many. The latest situation that our Presiding Leader is in the midst of has been in transitional acceleration for over TWENTY YEARS, but in within INTENSELY PLAIN (?PLANE?) view for a few months. The most defining of such the last three weeks.

“Half a League” is how it starts,


but, I wonder if any “ON-AIR” employee could expel Lord Tennyson’s remainder of verse. The funny thing about HOW the information(s) are gathered IS that TRUE KNOWLEDGE is ONLY to those within the security clearances necessary to be a weight to the outcome(s).

As the vaunted presenters visually prepare their “Stew du’ Presidente” I have a great intuition of the many pundits chagrins being the napkins for their dining on a SEVEN COURSED MEAL, starting with the Obama  “Bracketed” entree’ of Vichyssoise du’ ROUGE*. The fact that Putin HAS completed his political “PIE-IN-THE-FACE” to the leaderships of the top NINE, ( Putin has just recently resigned RUSSIA’S position.), ECONOMIES of the WORLD seems to have gotten past FOX’S Mr. Hayes types. They have NO memory of one L.P. Berra and, his take on “finalities”.

But, “we” live with such in the world, for all the experts there’s ALWAYS the truth of “the NEXT DAY”

As an example, I’m reminded of a story read in the sixth grade. It was about this ‘wagon’ builder in a small village. The man was known to produce some of the sturdiest farm and drayage vehicles in a twelve state area. The woods he used were, more often than not, BOOK-MATCHED, ( As the raw logs were sawn each plank remained as if it were still the whole trunk, therefore, when each was placed in constructive order the encasement MATCHED the mating piece.), to add an artistic flair to the purchaser’s tool. Very dapper for a Store, or Mercantile. After a time these items had garnered  some “fame” throughout the areas and, were becoming a something to own, as a sign of prosperity. Soon, a mysterious figure was noticed TAKING these magnificent wagons during varied times of the next few years. And, the THIEF never got caught, much less fully identified.

During this same time the local fishmonger kept noticing the weight of some days’ catches were askew,but, sloughed the thought because he only employed the Sloe brothers for the count. ( Their name “WAS” the mentality… at least that is what they portrayed themselves as.) They were very numerous, so “they could be paid a lower wage” due to their parents’ high libidos. They lived a mile from the “wagon-master”.

More time passed and more Wagons were taken, to be “FOUND”  too near where they’d ‘disappeared’ from. Finally a break came to the townsfolk, in that the Wagon-Master had broken his foot. The thefts “slowed’ “drastically”. Then, one of the Sloe grandsons was caught with a wagon full of FISH, ALL RED HERRING. The least of the haute’ cuisine of the village. Enough to be a week’s feed to a “group” of TWENTY…

NOBODY was stealing WAGONS! They were feeding the SLOE. This is the first corporate subsidy program recorded. And, became the basis for POLITICAL maneuverings as we have come to know them.

SO, as I get “informed” of “WHAT’ the experts are telling most folk, I GLANCE OVER the titled ICHTHYOLOGOUS FRAGRANCED “observations” and, know that the ‘leaders’ know about fixing “wagons’… and, the smell of fish.


And, Yes, YOU ARE correct. There IS NO POETRY HERE today… I’m waiting for the WORLD to write some to RUSSIA, and ALL the other political IDIOTS.

As Paul Harvey would end… GOOD DAY!



The Hebrew word satan [f’f] means “an adversary, one who resists.” It is translated as “Satan” eighteen times in the Old Testament… (http://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/satan/)

What would lead someone to ENTICE another with a story of unfortunate OVERSIGHTS to make a point of an EVENT that came about due to a SERIES of MIS-TIMINGS   and, NEGLIGENCE? Could a partial answer be… ADVERTISING / SELF-PROMOTION / MAKING A ” living“?

The story of about the misfortunes of ONE that IS the best “MODEL”, ( A “mirrored” of author and, targeted “awe-D-angst”.), to ensure sympathetic, (“simple-thetic”.), approval is something that every good “SNAKE-OIL SALES-PERSON” brings with their wagon of “goods”. Comparison “hawking” is a staple of this age of pixelated punditry.  As this era of “knowledge” IS too easily manipulated by the “position”  of ethnic ethos, (Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.).

The ‘latter day’, (modern or contemporary, esp. when mirroring some person or thing of the past.), stirring of “HOW THINGS WERE” is the caustic of societal progress. When the “story” is tilted to ANY DIRECTION except the UPRIGHT  entropy soon destroys that purpose.

the author of...?

the author of…?


how appro-“POE”
to prove “by GOD” (!)
the “darkling’s” unjust rule
but how is it
the “RIGHT” thing
show “man-of’-God” as tool

to ‘run’ amuck
no friends yelled “truck”
all strewn instead like Geese
the wave of your “IN-JUST-US”
proves your many
what’s UP your sleeves

the gores and pains
fill your refrains
folks sans a well thought plan
but make the cause
through “feeling’s” claws
reveals the Puppet’s sham

the readership
you’d hoped to roust
has drawn one
who can see
that hate takes
STILL original forms
to chase
“from fruit filled tree”

… thought’s dance depends

I commented on / to a new “like” the other day. The PROSE-ESS was remarkable in HER very young years. In that introduction I hope that she returns to view the inspiration she planted.



what themes create the cadence
for thoughts for us to read
from cutesy trite observances
to charts by EPIQ LEIGH

the witness from a skirmish
that brands a nation’s song
through quest filled observations
of where our faiths belong

LOVE: ‘lecent to the addled
the view the touch how felt
with angers at betrayals
to leave the mental welt

expression with a downbeat
can sway a room of friends
by twig inscribing creek bed
cross time thought’s dance depends

how often is the moment “right”

that we will hold so tight

the lettered finder to prove with might

no credit to eons’  many “nights”

[SIR ALAGAN] caught a hint profound

as ponder chipped the facts at ground

mere seconds of universe we’re bound

to claim the miniscule as sound

the basis of what is “here” today

but mutant drifted while at play

though “smarter” stake that what they say

yet “new” is OLDER than our [FORAYS]

… thought’s passions

I have NO IDEA of HOW MANY people BLOG in the world today. It’s boggling to think of just the many that tap our “like” buttons after a posting. When there’s the massive multiplication of WHAT “we” write through SCHOOL, WORK, INTERPERSONAL, TECHNICAL and, CREATIVE… placing the margin notes of DAILY JOTTINGS into the equational upages and one gets to the query of “HOW ARE THE ONES THAT “FOLLOW’ US GOING TO UNDERSTAND ALL THAT WE HAVE “GIVEN” THEM!?!

The storages of the INTERNET alone has created a business model that would fill the State of TEXAS if it were placed on “Paper”. ( Needless to say the deforestation of NORTH AMERICA would be the consequences.) As the ‘gathering’ of “THE [MANY’S]” HIGHLY VARIED communique’s are just “ONE-QUINTILLIONTH” of that produced via BI-PEDS the TENTH GENERATION to follow us “MAY” need “some” type of tool to learn of what we are trying to tell them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Like NOW…

can future understand
events that caused
these registry of thoughts
will someone make
rosetta’s “stones”
for looking back to caught
whose wisdom of
this recognize
can seal the vault
of learn
can those that have
our DNA
reach to self
in turn
the keys will be
for bright obtuse
a task not for
the day’s fashions
but if the right smith
fills said works
their gift will be
thought’s passions

The Charteuse Moose

the world had grown into this mess

that squandered healthy life

the animals had had to there

the “smart ones” made such strife

they had the tools that built nice stuff

but, that made ugly leavings

they said they’d clean their messes up

the herds knew that deceiving

the fish were spawned [ ON “FARMS”  ] on land

their home pools [ DAMMED ] from schools

the wolves that taught those [ ‘ROMAN BOYS’  ]

were hunted by scared [ FOOLS ]

when energy was became a shock

the bi-peds killed the air

the harvesters of that same wind

[‘NATIONAL SYMBOLS’] can die right there

the atmosphere grew overweight

with chemicals galore

business fooled the magistrates

breath in-breathe out such gore

the kingdom called the [ PHYLUM ]

soon species chimed right in

we need to build asylums

to stop these ‘human’ sins

elections held in secret

the call to find hope’s wraith

swim or walk to slide , fly, crawl

an action to shake “industry’s ” faith

the birds gave reports of the thing

that showed strange pictured kind

the Shepherd barked he’d seen the thing

above below all creatures came

the gathering of concerns

they found a young Moose that walked as lame

his coat matted by leaf and worms

the continental conclaves were told of this live ruse

the [ CAVE WORMS ] had innovations

where their chemistry could be used

they crawled up ‘cross his withers

the gut and over back

they hung on for their very lives

the tail excitedly swung to rump’s whack

but when they got close to the nose

the flair was just like home

the Moose’s eyes began to glow

their message was set to roam

the first try was [“BLACK HILLS” ] with bikes

what fun to watch beards flap

reports to news shows told of great ghosts

disbelieving newsmen said “that’s a wrap”

a few weeks hence along a fence

that belonged to some rich guy

the Moose presented such a fright all’s Jeans could use a rinse

quite soon the ‘net was so deluged

by people that “seen” the wraith

the nation’s science doctorate prepared their hasty kluge

but just as soon as inks were dry

there with a child revealing truth

both walked up Pennsylvania Ave

a babe with a CHARTREUSE MOOSE

the scientists were all amazed

at such simple lesson brought

the “finest” minds had been so blind

not “Bigfoot” as most had thought

when tests were done the “experts” whined

were refused their dish by Crows

as the UNIVERSE can work great “signs”

if “YOU ” treat ALL KINDLY as you GO

this story won’t be finished

we know for quite some time

but as you’ve gotten to this POINT

THINK reason for the rhyme

~~~~~~~~~~~File INTO the Category: [“SEUSS-OH-NOMICS”]

this was inspired by the thought of a friend’s SON.


[Nakita Says AYE”]

"Ya' gotta' see the OTHERS'.

“Ya’ gotta’ see the OTHERS’.


what corner did she* hide in

what level gave her ease

with seven evil brethren

that often [more] than teased

how long was “life” in darkness

was THAT that made them so

was pride the sloth that grew them

envy unknowing greed chose how far to go

so when live tomb unlided

fresh air illumined great wrath

they gorged their way past sated

wrong’s lust near futures path


… At Limb’s End

How much board feet
have the faith- full
whittled from your cross?

In whose name
are they collecting
all that sainted dross?

Yes, the “Book”
tells many truths
of how we need to be.

The Sacred Key
unlocks that door
while on a bended knee.

But, don’t forget
those other two
that “GRANT” was given them.

A saw of old
most true when told
“The FRUITS found at LIMB’S END”.