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…she seeks

There’s another site that I write at… AWINKANDANOD.(WP.COM)…, I keep it separate because of the irreverences that “seem” to gather away from the more “serious” items “here”. I was scrolling through the latest of those I follow and, “ARTS FESTIVAL” had the featured the above view. As an ‘aging’ bachelor the embers have a tendency to flare but, HAVE been “kept” within a “controllable environ” that I (“can”) allow to be stoked at the “proper” times. The fact that the ARTIST has rendered such an INTRIGUE of mystery and “HOPE” IS a credit. And for this beauty to remain ‘unknown’ is the mastery of “controlled excitement”. ( The model has enough variables to be one’s “co-star” of “a” lifetime.) Of that that the following is my flight of “desire”.


my hope
she’s WELL past
time’s fancy freed
the “lines”
remain quite
the rains mand
safer speeds
Sequoiaed Thumbellina
on points
my interest piqued
of love
I’ll be her gleaner
if remainer’s
what she seeks