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“I believe that each of us comes from the creator trailing wisps of glory.”

Maya Angelou


you knew “why” the caged bird sang
its grace was too contained
and though the outside gave harangue
that beauty grew sustained

to hear the AUTHOR speak eschews
of ignorance HATE and ‘want’
to those that carried stilted views
Maya’s brilliance just would taunt

to better now our LOSS for next
an Angel chimes for gathering
the words assembled sometimes vexed
but only to the smattering


“A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you are fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true”

Cinderella – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Lyrics)
Of the many M.R.S.’ , “SHE” has NO PEER.
Of beauty that defends what rhymes
to trill the heart by force
the strength past loves of brute resigned
is SHE the challenged course
the children strong determined
the “simple” SKILLED of life
their Mother should be Ermined
getting PAST the toils and STRIFES
to once again as “mommy”
though “GRANNY” gets her eye
to GAGE some “lucky” guy



The Hebrew word satan [f’f] means “an adversary, one who resists.” It is translated as “Satan” eighteen times in the Old Testament… (http://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/satan/)

What would lead someone to ENTICE another with a story of unfortunate OVERSIGHTS to make a point of an EVENT that came about due to a SERIES of MIS-TIMINGS   and, NEGLIGENCE? Could a partial answer be… ADVERTISING / SELF-PROMOTION / MAKING A ” living“?

The story of about the misfortunes of ONE that IS the best “MODEL”, ( A “mirrored” of author and, targeted “awe-D-angst”.), to ensure sympathetic, (“simple-thetic”.), approval is something that every good “SNAKE-OIL SALES-PERSON” brings with their wagon of “goods”. Comparison “hawking” is a staple of this age of pixelated punditry.  As this era of “knowledge” IS too easily manipulated by the “position”  of ethnic ethos, (Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.).

The ‘latter day’, (modern or contemporary, esp. when mirroring some person or thing of the past.), stirring of “HOW THINGS WERE” is the caustic of societal progress. When the “story” is tilted to ANY DIRECTION except the UPRIGHT  entropy soon destroys that purpose.

the author of...?

the author of…?


how appro-“POE”
to prove “by GOD” (!)
the “darkling’s” unjust rule
but how is it
the “RIGHT” thing
show “man-of’-God” as tool

to ‘run’ amuck
no friends yelled “truck”
all strewn instead like Geese
the wave of your “IN-JUST-US”
proves your many
what’s UP your sleeves

the gores and pains
fill your refrains
folks sans a well thought plan
but make the cause
through “feeling’s” claws
reveals the Puppet’s sham

the readership
you’d hoped to roust
has drawn one
who can see
that hate takes
STILL original forms
to chase
“from fruit filled tree”

Have I…

have I passed
the eternal
“USE BY” date
no longer
worth more than
from which made

has the weight
of measure
short fallen lines
the judgement
rendered by myself
as now
growing into feeble

see remaining embers
still viable
innovation’s growths remain
grown stronger
seeds preserved for
originator’s guidances

have I passed
this “life’s”
“used by” date
is it
against a rule
to reset


It’s NOT amusing. During the course of setting the timelines of the action of “bringing” an idea to the public that IS capable of helping it THAT public remains firmly, and “comfortably”, skewered upon the suppository delivery systems completely satisfied with tainted placebos.The sites that have contacted here, because of the tag CANCER, comment of the viability of content. But, NEVER send this information to others for their usage. For the past five days I’ve sent 33 site contacts and emails to the myriad of Cancer research foundations, this after quadrupling that number consistently for the past three years. It just “might” be my TIMING. Though it, more likely, is that most of these folk are “unknowingly” suffering from even greater “cancers”…
COMPLACENCY, GREED and PREJUDICE. Their beginning actions reaching a “manageable” pace because they can’t let a dissimilar route of action be mapped along theirs. The fact that the financial glories, the “HOW MUCH WE’VE DONE”, couldn’t possibly be shared with this thing “that took MY…”. Even though the numbers of WHO GETS WHAT spotlights the SPECIFIC, the “JUST-US” factor ENCOURAGES the ‘cancer’ through the SPACES created by such.

In that, I DON’T mind being the new TELEMACHUS.

Celebrating TONE

Here’s to the Palette
of the RACE
called ‘Man’

Its endless shades
of dark to light
which ends its
on the Retina

But, begins
its formulae
with how Love
is added
constantly, or sparingly
to bind, blend or repel

“WE” is ALL
“US” is small
“THEM” is repugnant
“THEY” is (a) pall

Oil and Water
often used for
sustenance’s preparation
a treat for the taste
lubricious accessing
purposes served

There needs to be
more lessons traded
by princes and paupers
simple Grape epaulettes

As “WHITE” is reflection
as “BLACK” is absorption
in pigmentation

“THEY” still contain
all others’
the closer both work
the better choices

Hungry For HATE

you wonder why it’s been
so tough
for the “dark” side
to believe in
all this freedom

when God’s angels
pictured still
the “perfect”
creamy white
are gathered ’round
other’s races
like a “party”
at boot hill

we wonder why
the others of
this orb
don’t give a damn
as we trample
‘cieties older
than this here land

“our” children may not
see a future
that we’ve taught
when they can’t
treat a neighbor
as they ought

so as the newsman
tells you
that it’s
once again
that Liberty
has snuck away
to find some people
with a BRAIN

There’s a situation that’s been created FOR the DEMISE of this NATION, and it HAS reared its OLD, UGLY head during what should be the inauguration of a new type of YOUTH liturature.


In THE MOST CRUCIAL time of this nation’s LIFE “we” HAVE an ENTIRE generation of EUROPEAN HERITAGED “citizenry” that HAVE “GROWN” to become the new BIRTH of A “NATION”. THANK HEAVEN the “GREATEST GENERATION” is leaving quickly enough that THEY WON’T WITNESS the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of EVERYTHING THEY WORKED,FOUGHT AND DIED FOR. WE should be ashamed of WHAT ‘WE’ have done to OUR FUTURE.

My question is this, HOW can those, that DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED the “DECK” , complain when the TRUMP is used?

Law says
kill, don’t flee
when not
look like me
I press
the issue
their fear

quite white enough
Glock nine’s
right stuff
they won’t
get past
my lear

oops overdone
to hide
to run
they said that
I’d all rights

what if
zeal’s wrong
this law
to pong
my own


They are our only chronicalers
of who “we” are
and who
we’ve been

‘she’ is the “tender”
of home
of heart
of structure
of “our” new humanity
in “my” arms

they see directions
why do we corrupt

why do “we” want
when “we” are so
so greedy
… so care-shy
… so afraid
too fragile
to risk

the family inherited fertile ground
the soil gave them grapes
far and wide were savored
the taste was too profound

generations were awarded
with the choices
of the future
they were warded

so they pushed through
with sciences
not seeing selections
take time to make craft true

their vintage and tastes
turned to vinegars
and such wastes

the neighbors all cringed
at the twisted
vines so bare and weak
barks the look of singed

the purchase of
surrounding earth
the dumping of
strange brews
the richness once
had given births
to drunken cheese
and such stews

the land was placed
on sale today
the children killed the town
forgotten was that
is what gives the grape
good grounds
when people forget the length of time it took to get US to where we are the claim of STEWARDSHIP is a DEAFNESS of what “CREATION” really IS. Simple Science tells us that “IF” it took MILLIONS of YEARS to ‘MAKE’ something, and it’s USED in ONE-Millionth of that, (beside the FACT that the INGREDIENTS are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.), HOW do YOU propose that YOU have CARED for the “object” to be CARED “FOR”? WHERE have the “educated” gone?

what if you could save the “world”
or parts of it at least
stop sad parades of SOMEONE’S dying child
help KILL CANCERS those such BEASTS

what if it were done so simple
the “why-didn’t-I-think-of-THAT”
to see it worn for many’s sake
better than the “pass-around-of-hats”

to know that neighbors made it work
to make “their” time ACQUIRED
to see the research far succeed
where until now it mired

when we “arrive” we count the days
until we become that “next”
but, some aren’t blessed with such advance
DESEASE, their FUTURE TIME has vexed

So, here I am here rhyming
to ask of YOU a chance
I’ve made a “thing” to raise the funds
so sick GET WELL to dance

It may be against a law for someone to write a POEM about raising funds for something they’ve ‘INVENTED’… INNOVATED. But, I DON’T THINK SO. Ihave been beating my head against the CORPORATE WALLS of this Country for EIGHT YEARS. The simplicity of this device WILL make the raising of large enough funds for CANCER RESEACH… ANY needed research(!)… So unique and “TIMELY”. And to accomplish the process of getting ‘IT’ manufactured will cost me less than, ($30k), THIRTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS. In this day and age AND Political ATMOSPHERE, the companies that reside within these shores WON’T help produce the ‘IDEA’. (“It hasn’t come from INSIDE the Corporation’s “body”.) That includes TIMEX, FOSSIL and TEXAS INSTUMENTS. They’ve ALL said NO to this. If you, as READER, would like to KNOW about what this post is really telling YOU EMAIL me at tananman@gmail.com, (remember, to those “children” that just “need” to disrupt, THERE IS a tracking ability…), to obtain the basic informations about this ‘device’ to show YOU what it CAN and WILL “DO”. If the prose is “good enough” to warrent your attention, hopefully it will do the same to see some research assistances for THE ERADICATION OF CANCERS as well as so MANY other deseases.
I’m seeking help for the “STONE-CHICKEN SOUP” OF community helping COMMUNITY.
For those that DO/ HAVE read this, SEND IT TO SOMEBODY. YOU KNOW people that NEED better help for their “conditions”. AND, for all the “talk” by our POLITICIANS about Health“CARE” a POSITIVE / INTELLEGENT ACTION “might LEAD THEM to DO THE SAME.